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    Hi I'm a Scottish muser and love Matt with a burning passion.
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    Drawing, Reading, Writing, Playing video games and living on the internet.
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    Well I can't put Muse. I like Daft Punk, I guess.
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    Harry Potters, LOTR, Limitless, Black Swan, Alien, Aliens, Trust, Anchorman, American Beauty.
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    The Walking Dead, The Vampire Diaries, Greys Anatomy, Torchwood, Doctor Who.
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    Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Vampire Academy, any Mike Gayle books...
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    I have all the CDs... on my ipod :(
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    I am dying to go to Glasgow SECC 2012 o.o
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  1. My favorite albums in order are- Absolution, Origin of Symmetry, Black Holes and Revelations, Showbiz and the Resistance. Which is actually pretty hard, because I love them all almost equally and putting Resistance at the end makes me kind of sad because its still an awesome album o.o Now for the least favorite song- Showbiz-Overdue (Hard choice, I like most of the songs on Showbiz o.o) Origin of Symmetry-Probably Feeling Good. Absolution-DAMN this is actually really hard o.o Uhm... Hysteria or Ruled by Secrecy. I love both the songs but they are the ones I am most likely to skip. Black Holes and Revelations-Soldiers Poem. The Resistance-United States of Eurasia. Just personally not really my thing o.o God that was really hard.
  2. I am disgusted by these touts. As a fan that really wants to go, I am actually so unhappy tickets are being sold on there at about twice the actual price, and ESPECIALLY because its the Glasgow SECC that I applied for. And someone is actually going to buy those, its inevitable. Its depriving someone of a chance to see their favorite band, all for making a profit. EWWW! They should really use peoples names for these things or something. Even then I guess, they would find a way. I wish they could be punished or given bad rep in some way but I guess thats not going to happen
  3. Aww everyone getting confirmed for Glasgow This has made me a little sad XD I guess I'll just have to go with the general sale... I basically have no chance of seeing them now Damn I was really, really happy about the tour announcement aswell.
  4. I am really sorry if this has been asked before, but is there any way to find out what age you need to be to get these standing tickets? By the time of the concert I will be 16.
  5. Oh my god... This is really hard o.o Showbiz-Showbiz Origin of Symmetry-It's between Citizen Erased and Megalomania for me. Citizen Erased is so varied and beautiful but the first time the organ erupts into this amazing sound before the chorus blows me away every single time I hear it o.o Absolution-I think it has to be Stockholm Syndrome. Black Holes and Revelations-Knights of Cydonia. Just an epic, epic song... The Resistance-Hmmn, this is hard... I'm not sure o.o
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