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  1. In a perfect world i'd love to see Royal Blood support
  2. 1.MoTP 2.MK Ultra 3.Sunburn 4.Dead Star 5.Assassin
  3. Unintended Sunburn Plug In Baby x2 Bliss Feeling Good New Born Time Is Running Out x2 Stockholm Syndrome Interlude Hysteria Blackout Supermassive Black Hole x2 Starlight x2 Knights Of Cydonia x2 Uprising x2 Resistance x2 Undisclosed Desires x2 United States Of Eurasia Guiding Light Supremacy x2 Madness x2 Panic Station x2 Survival x2 Follow Me x2 Animals x2 Explorers Save Me Liquid State The 2nd Law - Unsustainable The 2nd Law - Isolated System Dead Star Host (Half) House Of The Rising Sun Intro Monty Jam x2 Dracula Mountain
  4. Well it was sound checked before one of the italian gigs but then again so was exo, there is a very slim chance that either may be played hopefully the latter gets played in its entirety
  5. Great video, kept pausing at scenes with a crowd to try and stop myself
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