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  1. I'm not worried about the fit, just the length.last one I bought is sitting in the drawer too short, I'm only 5ft 3 so not a giant lol. Didn't want to waste money again on a new to for the cupboard lol
  2. Thanks I couldn't find a merchandise thread so the link was so helpful. Cheers for your help :-)
  3. Hi,I really want the hydro 74 owl T shirt for ladies but the sizing chat info doesn't specify the length of the shirt. Where can I find this out before I buy?
  4. Where can I ask a question about a ladies T shirt in the muse shop? I just want to know the length measurements of the hydra 74 owl ladies shirt. It's one of the few that didn't detail this in the sizing chart info. Does anyone the answer? Don't want to pay 18 for something that's too short!
  5. Why are they selling seated tickets on seatwave????? How can they I'm confused!!
  6. Wtf????? How can they be selling seated tickets already?????!!!! I'm confused....
  7. wtf?????? Surely they don't have these seated tickets already??!! I don't understand.....
  8. There is still no sign of pre sale seated tickets. Gutted:-( Don't the management read these forums and take into consideration people who can't stand for hours? can't help feeling frustrated and a little hard done by! Boohooo!
  9. Does anyone know where i would ask if pre sale tickets would be extended to seating. My other half isnt registered disabled but has serious back issues which mean we cant stand for a gig. We met at a MUSE concert in Nov 2006 and have already booked a hotel for this lol so realllllly need to get seated tickets!
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