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  1. I'm not really surprised, they're starting to decline in popularity I'd say. Plus it's harder to sell an entire Stadium tour across the country, people are much less likely to travel.
  2. Might wait it out for a while before getting tickets? I've got a few gigs lined up already next year. How likely are the Emirates shows to sell out fast? Reckon at least one night will go unsold for a while..
  3. I'm very jealous of all you going to this gig. I think i'm going to console myself with Refused and Kasabian at Brixton. I may have a look closer to the date to see how much tickets are then!
  4. Also, there is definitely something suspicious with the tickets. It took me all of thirty seconds to get through, clock hadn't even gone 10:01 and it was telling me standing was sold out. Think I'm gonna wait till the Stadium gigs. This whole thing has left a sour taste in my mouth for these gigs.
  5. Yes this! I don't know the last time they played Wales, Absolution tour? I know the CIA is out of the question as it's to small an Arena but the Millenium is just as big as Wembley! Coopers field is decent for gigs too!
  6. Poor bloke broke his leg in a pit when I saw Biffy. Edit: Also how long were you at the main stage to get Barrier, I want to do it for Foo's.
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