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    I'm 18, i love music, attending concerts and festivals.
    I love to blog! :)
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    Going to concerts, and festivals.
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    Tesco Customer Assistant
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    Coldplay and Muse
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    Easy A
    The Hunger Games
    The Notebook
    27 Dresses
    Friends With Benefits
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    Friends, Scrubs, Two and a half Men, Big Bang Theory
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    The Hunger Games
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    All of them! ( i don't have vinyls tho)
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    Wembley 2010 - 11th September
    Leeds Festival 2011
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  1. Didn't get my tickets, got my email today, but it wasn't just for me, as the title was 'Tickets for Birmingham, London and Manchester) so it was joint email. Told me i was unsuccessful. I know there was a lot of demand so i had low hope anyways, but i'm pretty pissed off considering there's already a fair few tickets on ebay for Birmingham! When me, and others clearly above ^ could of had those tickets, and not sell them on to make some dosh! On the good side of this (not much) the email had a link to another pre-sale for tomorrow morning, an hour before general sale, so hopefully that will work for me.
  2. Looks like i havn't got tickets, gutted :/ and if that's true about the money, then i'm not getting any thursday either :'(
  3. Applied for Birmingham Worried that i might not be accepted as my normal account i used 'Dannilovesmuse' doesn't receive emails from Muse anymore, even though i've had that account for 4 years now :/ So i applied using this one, but don't even remember making this account so no idea if it's new/old, turned out i wasn't joined on the forum but had a member account, so i joined this on Friday. Do you think the age of muse member account or the how long you've been joined on the forum will have an affect on getting tickets or not?
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