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  1. Good Midnight l! I think we have to do a list of the people that have been afortunated. That way we can see as the issue progresses and decide what we have to do Que bien Midnight!! Por qué no hacemos un recuento de todos a los que nos ha tocado y nos vamos poniendo de acuerdo con las acciones a tomar? Así también vamos viendo como va progresando el tema
  2. Giguise, they created a request for your support and assigned a ticket ? or they simply sent an email?
  3. I just send them an email. Tic, tac, tic, tac...This is crazy...I want to see Muse!!
  4. Giguise, what did you say exactly in your email to crowdsurge??? I'm in the same situacion
  5. :I have made the pre-ordering too! I haven't receive an email when the transaction is done but the did the payment It's ok? I don't understand nothing because they said that until 13th june they won't do that!
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