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  1. Entry last night at Glasgow night 1 was sh!te. Been there since 10am and other doors got let in before ours. The doorman was an absolute jobsworth and was so slow opening the doors and scanning the tickets. He didn't seem to care. Thankfully still made barrier ok. Anyway, was quite surprised to see that the 'front' and 'back' (ie without the seats behind) was segregated. So if you're going to Glasgow night 2 tonight it appears as though Door A (West) is at the 'back', Doors B & C (South) are at the 'front' with the seats behind. I think Door D (East) is the 'front' as well but not 100% sure. I assume it's segregated for crowd safety - I heard it was the Production team who stipulated this. So if you and your mates are a mixture of entrances you might not be able to get together once inside.
  2. I'm 50 next weekend and still doing barrier, queuing for 8+ hours, etc. Got to show the youngsters how it's done. With regards to age the opposite can be true. Not many younger ones around me this last week know CE let alone the words.
  3. Hmmm. Just had a quick search for some of the locations and was unsure if these were possible gig venues, but some plainly aren't so still a bit unsure. The 3 UK ones so far appear to be:- Teignmouth (around The Den) London (looks like Piccadilly Circus) Rotherham (the football stadium) Also, Paris - (around the Zenith) Barcelona - (appears to be a small park just up the road from Camp Nou) New York (Bowery Ballroom) LA (Amoeba Music)
  4. We (my wife and I) did 3 arena dates and after Manchester will have done 3 stadium dates this tour. The only thing stopping us doing more is work commitments (my wife works in a school) so can really only do local/weekend/holiday dates. I admit as being one of the 'older' fans we will have more income to hand for gigs but the obsession kicked in years ago and we'd do more gigs if we could. The pre-9am queuing has become the norm now!
  5. I wouldn't use the MEN gig as a true benchmark of how long to queue v. getting to the barrier. The MEN entry was a right farce, at least 3 entrances (2 under used because they were open to the elements) and having to re-queue to go down the steps from 8 different entrances. It was pure luck as to how close to the barrier you got. I queued from 10am for SECC (and got barrier - just), queued from 9:30am for Dublin and only missed barrier due to a duff ticket scanner holding us up on the door we went in via. I'd say it would be 10am at the latest to try and get barrier. But if you have some local knowledge of the venue, it's layout and the ability to run very fast, then you'll be there or there about. I won't be trying for barrier at the stadium gigs though.
  6. Â The closer to the front you get, the more that sort of thing is going to cause aggro. I wouldn't recommend it.
  7. Trying to get Manchester and both London dates. Not looking forward to the build-up to the presale. My nerves are normally shot with these things but trying to get 3 dates will be 3 times the stress. On the upside, I've already booked the London hotel.
  8. The Etihad appears to be the stadium of choice in the north now. Man City's last home game is Sunday 19 May. Based on the UK being first in the list of countries for the stadium dates, my money is on school half term/Bank Holiday week (the Wolstenbus influence?).
  9. My better half (mrskopite) and myself were #23 & #24 in the queue. My wife took loads of pics at the gig but I don't think we've any of the queue, etc. But I'll double check later.
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