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  1. I think it's all a matter of luck today which thankfully worked in my favour. Good luck to everyone tomorrow - remember to try ticketline.co.uk as well as ticketmaster.co.uk. Can;t think of any others !
  2. I've got my email too today ! Hooray ! Great way to start my day off. Shame I'm skint now though. Good way to be skint though !
  3. Has anyone else been charged for the application they have made ? I'm sure I have !
  4. I still can't get the form to work ! There's just two options for card type but no description as to what they are and then theres no link to click to say you have completed the form !
  5. The Academy would be awesome but they could play there for 2 weeks in a row and it'd be sold out every night. I first saw them in the Academy many years ago - shame they are way too big to play there anymore. I'm applying for Arena tickets once I can get the form to work anyway !
  6. I can't even get the form to load up properly and it keeps saying different error messages. only want 2 standing tickets for Manchester cause it'll be awesome !
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