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    Curious,open-minded and friendly. Don't be afraid to ramble on:)
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    Music (and lots of it!),books,friends, some painting and drawing,kayaking. I always try anything at least once.
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    Blackmore's night, Coldplay, Rammstein, Queen, some folk music, Ruslana, Deep purple, Amy MacDonald, Машина времени, a bit of Linkin Park and Evanescence.
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    Most of Disney and Pixar films :D Inception, Avatar, Once, Jackie Chan movies, Pirates of the Caribbean,the Lord of the Rings, harry Potter,the Hunger Games.......and many more o.O
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    fantasy,adventure,historical novels, Alexandre Dumas, Sergei Luk'yanenko...ah,I'm tired of listing them.
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  1. Woohoo:D Thanks for adding:)

  2. New here!!! Hello everyone:D Yeah,I didn't really see the point in joining because there's so much Muse info out there, but hey, why not.

  3. Hello:D Nice to meet you once again mapofmuse:)))

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