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  1. If anyone won tickets to this and has an extra, I would be willing to be a plus 1. I couldn't get a ticket for Webster Hall, and a seller on Craigslist gave away their ticket that I was about to buy from them without notifying me. I'm only a 20 minute train ride away from Manhattan.
  2. What type of fucking fan are you if you aren't thankful for attending a Muse concert and having the opportunity to see them live? Lots of people don't get to see their favorite band live. As much as I want to see them play the old classics, I'm still satisfied when the play the "shit" songs by your people's standards. So much snot up your noses
  3. the people who come off complaining about how muse played some songs and didn't play other ones are the fans who come off as pretentious, bratty, spoiled and over-entitled. just because they didn't play the songs you wanted doesn't mean you have to chastise them for playing something you didn't prefer. and believe me, any song played live by muse is amazing and being in the mere presence of them or even going to one of their shows is something to be thankful about.
  4. it would be awesome if some people on here would stop whining about guiding light being played. just pages and pages of people bitching and moaning about how they don't want it. it's an eyesore. and the same with undisclosed desires too. if u guys don't like them to play those songs, at least be thankful that you guys AREN'T at the actual show because you people would be buzzkills or debbie downers if i saw you guys complaining about songs that are played/aren't played at an actual show.
  5. I went to the first MSG show this week and it was amazing! i met tom kirk while waiting in line and took a pic with him and i shook matt's hand during UD! i'm going to this show and since it's the last US show for this leg, I hope they do something special and play something like Bliss or Dead Star or Citizen Erased! I went to the show at Prudential Center 2 years ago when they played CE and it was amazing! I went nuts! I can't wait to see them on Friday! 2 muse shows in a week!
  6. yeah TrebleRose, they were amazing as usual! And yeah I did see that before stockholm syndrome where he gave those people picks. nice to know that was you! i almost caught a pic at the end when chris threw them but i didn't . i wanted him to throw his harmonica when they finished man with harmonica but i think he gave it to that asian guy at the barrier who was going crazy hahaha. maybe i should hold a sign for a pick too or sign that says "picture matt?" cause those lucky fans at the end of undisclosed desires got a pic or a sign that says "drumstick?" for dom. idk i'll see on friday! and that guitar smashing was still crazy! i can't get over that! i wanted matt to keep smashing it but i couldn't see what happened until the stage crew worker had the neck in one hand and the body in the other! but matt's reaction was priceless though! here's the instagram link for my pic with tom: http://instagram.com/p/YIszXAw8Ks/ it was still an amazing night! it was definitely better than the first time i saw muse at prudential center 2 1/2 years ago. but that show had plug in baby, new born, hysteria and all the other awesome old songs from tonight! plus citizen erased! but this night was amazing since i was at the barrier. i hope that i could get at the barrier on friday. i can't make it for tomorrow's show so have fun tomorrow!
  7. hooooooolly craaaap. that gig was hands down amazing. i cannot find the words to describe how mind blowing this gig was. this was my 2nd time seeing them and i'll be seeing them later this week at izod center. i had general admission tickets so i got around msg at 2. i was the 66th person in line. i waited there and i saw tom kirk walk up the block and said hi to him. he walked backed down the block again and i said hi again. i guess he was trying to get into msg but didn''t know where to go. finally he came back one more time and i asked him if i could have a picture with him and he said sure. he was very polite and nice. he asked me who my name was and i said "Adel." and i told him that he followed me on instagram and he was like "oh really? nice!" i took a pic with him, instagrammed that pic (look it up with the hashtag muse, you'll find it there) and i said something like "i love what you do for the band. have a great show!" and he said "thanks! enjoy the show!" it was awesome. doors opened at around 6:30 and i was able to make it to the barrier near chris's side. biffy clyro was great. and then muse came on and it was amazing. that had the setlist that opened with isolated system, had motp instead of hysteria and stockholm syndrome (which was crazy) instead of new born. they played united states of eurasia too which was beautiful. i shook matt's hand during undisclosed desires. i said "matt, you're my idol!" and then he winked at me and grinned too lolol. during uprising, during the outro, matt threw his guitar at his amp and the neck snapped off the body. he put his arms out like "what the hell" cause he couldn't smash the guitar anymore and he took a bow. it was awesome! then starlight came and that was great that he dedicated it to the people in boston today and closed it off of course with survival which was so epic. such an amazing night. i can't wait for friday! i wish people luck with tomorrow's show because they'll probably see hysteria, plug in baby and new born (and maybe dead star cause people were holding dead star signs). muse fan new or old or if it's your first time seeing them or your 10th, you won't be disappointed!
  8. i got those tickets at the presale and they were GA! i'm so happy right now!
  9. Idk why people don't like Big Freeze. It's such an emotional song. I don't think it's at the same level as Guding Light. And honestly, I like Guding Light. It's emotional too and sounds a little triumphant. It might've been the "weakest" song on The Resistance but I don't think it's a terrible song, as many people believe it is
  10. i missed them last time when they came to MSG. But then 6 months later after the MSG show, I saw them in Newark. Best show ever hands down. I wanna try getting tickets for both MSG and IZOD center. if i manage to pull that off, that'll be sick!
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