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  1. Just seeing what offers i can get for the Diezel VH4 and rack system??. the filter isnt mine but i can see if my mate wants to sell it to, so it could be a job lot. I am looking for a kemper or an axe 2 if anyone wants to trade.
  2. Of course matey. Well the full spec is.. Alder body Birds eye maple neck Ebony fretboard Jumbo frets Gotoh 510 tuners Shaller Floyd Zvex Fuzz Factory Manson MBK-2 DIY P90 The finish was a paint they use to chrome alloys. I knew it was going to be very hard to chrome the guitar with the budget that i set so that paint was used to get a silver effect and its turned out like steel/polished aluminum. ill find the name of it for you when it comes back
  3. COMING SOON here is a build ive done. When it arrives back from a pcb/eletronics specialist ill be putting a vid and the entire build pics on so some of you can see the process from scratch.


    I like the unsustainable cover. theres one problem i have with using some of these tracks for unsustainable though and im not sure if im doing something a tad wrong(apart from usuing the whammy 4) but the individual steps in the cc changes stand out a little, almost robotic where matts sounds smooth like the CC's actually go from 0-127 per shift instead of 0-7-14-24(example) if that makes any sense to you guys? keep me updated on what you guys do with reapers would be interesting to see what people can do with this one.


    has anyone posted a cover using some of these tracks?


    That's interesting never really noticed. Lists I g to the handler to much. What you struggling with? Changing the tempo half way through a song?


    So, like unsustainable matts using midi to control his whammy in the reaper solo (starting with the nut strike). Has anyone tried to program this out as a midi track yet?
  8. Has anyone got and internal pics of the fuzz factory fitted into a guitar? I've wired one up that's right to my knowledge but It keeps dropping power when I turn it on or plug it in. Would like see what someone else has done. Tia
  9. If you guys are interested in this kinda thing, I've started filming a few videos off matt bellamy style sounds using all the main effects he ever used from roland vg8, line 6 pro series, clavia synth and im going to do a talk on some of the sounds from 2nd law using a podHD500X instead of an AXE FX 2. here is a pic of some stuff apart from the vh4 and the pedal boards i have. i was going to do certain songs but if you have any requests ill add them in when i get to the album.
  10. pm me your e-mail and ill send it to you
  11. Lastest pic of some gadgets at home, aside from the VH4, ill be after the axe fx XL soon so it wont be long before i get shut of everything apart from the rocktron. check it out.
  12. The most accurate sound you will get is with the NORD G2, good guitar with top pups and a good amp sound. The patch for this dont use a vocoder however the synth modules you use in it are called filter voice where you select 3 vowels(AEIOU) which gives the input sound (guitar) a pertic filter sound. the other things you need to use is the internal compressor of the nord, a EQ to change the tone of either the input or output and a good amp sound. there is more you can use to get a better sound with the G2 but as they go for 500+ just try that method. other hardware does really well for the song and some covers have been amazing sounding but not as close as the clavia.
  13. you can use either for p90's but depending how your going to wire it up. 250k is the safer option. tried a 500k with a single p90 i didnt really notice to much difference. for the sustainer if you can get away with the battery tight against something in a cavity no(although safer and makes it easier and quicker to change). also you dont need a intensity pot, just change it via the trim pots on the back of the circuit board.
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