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  1. I just remembered how when Webster got SS they managed to drop the Micro Cuts riff outro which had been played at all the UK gigs... because you know, they didn't want to alienate the casual American audience or whatever. Oh, Muse.
  2. Samz2

    Pre-Show Songs

    Nine Inch Nails - Came Back Haunted Kanye West - Black Skinhead CHVRCHES - Leave a Trace Tame Impala - The Less I Know the Better
  3. I knew this was the sentiment on a one-on-one basis but must have missed it appearing in an interview... is there a clip of this somewhere? Never thought they'd be stupid enough to actually say it publicly.
  4. The Reddit delusion continues. "the setlists have been really good for the entire tour.. I'm relatively sure that the average attendant of the US Drones Tour left the arena happily."
  5. Just chipping in support here for the US Tour Setlist questions. I hope those are prioritized and ranked highly on the submitted list.
  6. https://www.mansonguitarworks.com/news/namm-2016-manson-guitar-works-releases-114 + lefty matt(e) black MBC-1.
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