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  1. I don't know if anyone's said it yet, but thinking about it I realised the piano in Darkshines can definately be consindered musically bad.
  2. At first I didn't really like t and I would skip over it. Now that I listened to it a few times, it is one of my favorites. It does get a little boring at some parts. I think if it stayed more upbeat for more of he song it would be better. But as it is it's catchy and easy to get into.
  3. I'm gunna avoid all streaming stuff. I'll listen to singles though. I somehow got the actual CD of The 2nd Law yesterday so I didn't have to wait that long.
  4. Tell that to the author. It's his opinion stop ranting about it like it's fact.
  5. Just posted about them in another thread. Listening to Anesthetize as we speak. The lyrics kind of made me depressed for a few days, so I had to give them a break. Awesome stuff though!
  6. Just a question. I see people psting their keeps in groups of 3 or less. Did you mean for us to have 3 keeps overall, or three from each category. I'm just making sure I'm not being a noob by posting 5 keeps in my sig.
  7. Probably most of BH&R, Unnatural Selection (just the ending, I think it needs to be hevier, thicker like SS's ending) and the same with MK Ultra. EDIT Guess I'm a little late on US...
  8. I had to wait all day because I was at bandcamp. Now that I'm home I got to give it a listen. It was alright. The ending was much better than the beginning. It sounded like a pop song to me, and I guess it was. It won't be my favorite off the the album for sure. I'm guessing this is like the Undisclosed Desires of this album
  9. Somebody tell me why the eff they aired Russell Bran singing a song from a Disney movie and they didn't air the greatest band ever perform the official song of the Olympics.
  10. I ordered mine! Did anybody have troubles with getting the UUnsustainable video though? I tried to download and it said that the link expired.
  11. It's funny that Guiding Light was predicted to be the best.
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