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  1. very interesting question there is only two master volume options I know - pre and post phase inverter. And in the most of Plexi mods - post PI is top option. Voodoo Amps offers PPIMV as standard volume add-on and promises 100% transparent sounding mod http://www.voodooamps.com/home/Modifications/Mod%22Add-On%22Features/MasterVolume(PPIMV)/tabid/264/Default.aspx
  2. Maybe anyone want my Fernandes Revolver Elite Limited? Frustrated that I need to sell this but now I need MR10 so hard. It out of stocks worldwide about 4-6 years ago. Great guitar. Sexy shape. Alder body, neck-thru Maple neck with full-fingerboard Barbwire inlays, 24-fret (Jumbo) Rosewood fingerboard (1/2 scale) and FRT-11 locking tremolo system. Comes equipped with the Fernandes Sustainer System (FSK-401) with Intensity knob, on/off switch, mode switch (harmonics/normal), EMG S in middle and EMG 81 humbucker in bridge, die-cast tuners. There are some places where the matte finish started to shine. And one very little scratch on the front (see photo). The rest is in excellent condition. [spoiler=] Rear: Front: Gloss finish: Fernandes case included. Located in Moscow. Rate it for €650/$700/£460. I visit UK for week from 9 to 20 of August, so delivery can be eliminated. But if you need it to other place, please contact to calculate shipping. Exchange is possible too for: Marshall DBS Egnater M4 Motu Midi XT CME WIDI X8 or X-single Midi Solutions T8 Crowther Audio Prunes and Custard Human Gear Animato Distortion Akai Deep Impact SB-1 Bass Synth HomeBrew Electronics Hematoma Preamp NOW SOLD
  3. Kemper becomes impossible to use with more than 200-250 profiles. I have ~120 profiles and really use maybe about 15-20 of them.
  4. With AXE you get a lot of FX, a huge variety in tone. But with Kemper you can copy any amp you want. AXE FX has Tone Matching option but it can't get really close tone, that Kemper can.
  5. If you want really great recordings, it's better to buy real Vox. Although the latest Vox gen sounds scary older gen's is much better I bought Kempers in mid summer 2014, and now I have only 10-20 profiles that sounding good.
  6. Why not just to use this type of pedalboard? (http://trailertrashpedalboards.com/24-inch-flattrash-wsoft-case) It more practical and cheaper that your big project
  7. Kemper work for bass better than guitar, but internal effects isnt good. I am not AXE FX owner, but as I know, it contain some bass amps models
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