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  1. After 7 gigs:


    Unintended x1

    Uno x1


    Agitated x1


    New Born x2

    Bliss x5

    Hyper Music x1

    Plug In Baby x5

    Citizen Erased x2

    Micro Cuts x1

    Feeling Good x2


    Dead Star x3


    Time Is Running Out x7

    Stockholm Syndrome x4

    Interlude/Hysteria x6

    Blackout x1


    Fury x1

    The Groove x2


    Take a Bow x3

    Starlight x6

    Supermassive Black Hole x7

    Map of the Problematique x2

    Assassin x1

    Knights of Cydonia x7


    Uprising x7

    Resistance x2

    Undisclosed Desires x1

    United States of Eurasia x1

    Guiding Light x1


    Supremacy x1

    Madness x4

    Panic Station x1

    Prelude x3

    Survival x1

    Follow Me x1

    Animals x1

    Liquid State x1

    Unsustainable x1

    Isolated System x4


    Dead Inside x5

    Psycho x6

    Mercy x4

    Reapers x5

    The Handler x3

    The Globalist x2


    Dig Down x1


    Dracula Mountain x1

    Monty Jam x1

    Munich Jam x4


    Might just stop now that I've seen Assassin tbh

  2. That was great :happy:


    Probably in my top 3 Muse gigs just behind Download and Manchester Academy. So good to finally cross Assassin off my list :D (Would have liked the full extended version, but the shortened outro they did was still awesome) and New Born was a lovely surprise. Worked really well after Isolated System too.


    I had my hopes up for some crazy rarity after my friend glimpsed the setlist and said he read something they hadn't played since 2010, turned out it was TAB and he'd forgotten they'd played it on the Drones tour :LOL:

  3. Ideal Belfast Set (I mean, ideal would be the SBE set but let's be slightly realistic)


    1. Dig Down (ew, it's gonna happen though)
    2. Psycho
    3. Assassin
    4. Dead Star
    5. Bliss
    6. The 2nd Law: Isolated System
    7. The Handler
    8. Supermassive Black Hole
    9. Butterflies & Hurricanes / Showbiz / CE
    10. Dead Inside / Madness / UD
    11. Munich Jam
    12. Starlight
    13. Time Is Running Out
    14. Mercy
    15. New Born / Stockholm + riffs, maybe chuck YP or Agitated in
    16. Sing for Absolution
    17. Uprising
    18. Knights of Cydonia

  4. I'm not even going to the gig but for the sake of lists here is what I most likely would have voted for:



    Space Dementia

    Eternally Missed



    MK Ultra

    City of Delusion


    Ruled by Secrecy

    Butterflies & Hurricanes


    Half my list isn't even votable lol

  5. I have no problems with a band always closing with the same song as long as it's a decent song (which Knights is IMO) that gets a good crowd reaction, and the overall set is good. Of course it is nice to change things up now and then, especially when a band have as many good closing songs as Muse do. But I think there are bigger issues with Muse setlists that should be fixed before worrying about the closer.

  6. Saw a different band at First Ave a short while ago. I'm familiar with all their stuff since 2003, and there were three songs I didn't recognize. The front part of the crowd just lost their minds.

    Saw a song from their previous album's live debut, and some stuff that hadn't been played since 2010 and 2007.

    Looked at the other setlists, and HO-LY-FUCK they're all different, full of rarities, old shit, and the hidden track off an album from like 10 years ago.

    Only 18/19 songs, and they still manage to bring out all the big hits, too.

    Probably not a coincidence that it was THE roughest crowd I'd seen at a US gig in decades, and I'm really damn glad I was upstairs for it.


    Is that AFI by any chance? I've been following their recent setlists and your description seems pretty spot on for what they've been doing. They're a bit of a weird case though as from what I can see they're hardly playing anything from their new album (which came out last month.) I can't see Muse doing anything like that, although all it would take is adding 2/3 songs to the set and you could fit in all that old stuff and a decent amount from the newest album.

  7. Also, maybe retract what I said before about L/R genuinely being their only gigs in Europe 'cause Kasabian are also listed as UK festival exclusives when they're playing Trnsmt in Scotland.


    That's odd. Maybe the festival organisers are just really keen on Scottish independence and already consider Scotland separate :chuckle:

  8. I don't think I've ever actually heard that riff before, wow. Love the part where the bass comes in. And it does seem a bit odd that they'd randomly bring it back (when was the last time it was played before that, anyone?) unless they were at least considering doing something with it. Hopefully they'll treat it with a bit more care than the Psycho riff.(if they do use it)

  9. (


    I used to just call it the drone intro but thought that might be confusing now with all the Drone-y business over the last couple of years.


    Fair enough. I was imagining a Drones-esque choir singing the lyrics to Showbiz :LOL:

  10. I very much doubt they'll do anything super special for R&L (i.e. anything BH&R related) but maybe something like this:



    Reading / Leeds:


    1. Psycho
    2. Supermassive Black Hole
    3. Hyper Music / Dead Star
    4. Assassin
    5. Stockholm Syndrome
    6. Butterflies & Hurricanes / CE
    7. Apocalypse Please / USOE
    8. Feeling Good
    9. Supremacy
    10. Dead Inside / Madness
    11. Starlight / Mercy
    12. Time Is Running Out
    13. Reapers
    14. Take a Bow
    15. Uprising
    16. Muscle Museum / Uno
    17. Plug In Baby
    18. Knights of Cydonia


    (I picked my ideal rotations for the Reading one but tried to make it so that it would be fair for both festivals. I'd be surprised if there actually is that much variation between the two sets though)

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