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  1. heey what I'm gonna ask don't belong in this topic but on the other threads where I've asked it I didn't get a reply so... well here is my question: I'm making a comic about muse and they need a few enemies, I'm out of ideas so if anyone know something please tell it to me. I can't draw the comic if I don't get any enemies
  2. hii!! maybe could you guys help me? I'm making a comic and I need some enemies for Muse!!!! I'm out of ideas anybody??? please help me I really can't find something!!
  3. Does anyone have more of those your argument is invalid things??? I send them to one of my friends (she don't like muse) because we always have discussions and her reaction on those pictures is amazing!!! so plz plz plz send them to me!!!!
  4. heey everyone somewhere on this thread I saw a picture from Matt with a leaf in his hand with the text: Matt has a leaf your argument is invalid (or something that looks like that) i thought that i saved it but i didn't and i can't find it again does anybody have that pic????? ow and sorry for my bad english
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