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  1. He has a great voice, I enjoyed them. I just think Renegades is an awful song.
  2. When people talk or TEXT through songs, especially if you are in GA. During the Boston show there was a couple who were sitting on the barrier, scrolling through instagram during Muse's set. I don't understand people who waste money for a show just to be on their phone the whole time.
  3. I still think Drones into Reapers has been the best opener this tour.
  4. Did it sell out? It definitely didn't look like it, the crowd mostly concentrated around the barrier. Most of the top seats didn't fill up either. It just didn't seem like a really big crowd, and yes the security there was kinda crazy. They also made an announcement before the band went on about how the show was being recorded and the use of flash was prohibited. Does this happen at every show?
  5. I still think they should play smaller venues in America. GA at last night's show was really empty, I was really surprised.
  6. I noticed last night that a lot of people started to leave after The Globalist once the second Drones started, which to a first time concert goer ( or a casual fan) might seem like the end of the show honestly.
  7. Great show, I'm glad I got to see AP (FINALLY) and Map! No Citizen Erased or Bliss though, boo. Also, the right side Drones didn't work at all. Overall, good BDAY show. I'm happy.
  8. They are hanging out in the second North Station entrance near the ticket booths. Basically, they start lining up outside at 5 according to your wristband number. So yes, I'd just be here before 630.
  9. It secures your place in line, they line everyone up for GA in sequential order. They start lining up at 5pm, and there is already over 50 wristbands given out. I'm 46 in line, which still isn't too bad.
  10. Found security who are giving out wristbands. This is weird, I'd rather just be waiting in a line.
  11. No, I printed out my ticket. It depends on the weather honestly, and I'm not bringing a bag or driving. This is the first time Ive waiting in line during the winter, in the Northeast.
  12. No idea, this is my first show at TD Garden. The shows I've been to, someone usually brings a marker and we write our placement in line on our hands. I'm probably going to take the train, but depending on the weather I dunno if I'm going to go super early or not.
  13. Currently: Reapers The Handler Dead Inside Fury Map of The Problematique Stockholm Syndrome Take A Bow Survival MK Ultra Muscle Museum
  14. Anyone doing GA and wanting to stand in line, do you know when you are thinking of going? I've been watching the weather, we're supposed to get a pretty big snow storm the weekend before.
  15. Got my ticket, which turned out to be cheaper than I thought. See you on the 25th!
  16. It seems like a difficult song to sing, but I'm just speculating.
  17. Maybe Reapers every set is taking a toll on Matt's voice, so they need a break?
  18. America always gets shafted, because Muse still aren't that big in America. The band probably thinks other rare/older songs wouldn't be received well, and rightfully so. I feel like if they toured smaller venues here, they'd sell out way quicker and probably have a better audience where they can pull out a few oldies and whatnot. The fact we are getting Bliss/Citizen Erased and AP on this tour is a treat. (Much like RBS and Sunburn last tours)
  19. I've seen Hysteria eight times, and it's sounded the same every time. The Back In Black jam afterwards was a treat, though. It's always a crowd pleaser here anyways, so the crowd reaction saves it.
  20. Took your advice and gave the new album a listen. Really great! As for Producers, Trent Reznor producing would be incredible.
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