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  1. They just have to... it´s a wonderful song!
  2. Well I have no idea I'll go into my first show October 19, promise to find out!
  3. Which one are you going to? Any hopes and expectations... ?
  4. Knights of Cydonia Glorious The 2nd Law: Unsustainable Undisclosed Desires Supremacy
  5. I think the first three dates are sold out. I'm going to the second night.
  6. ok then I have tickets for October 19 so make plans! :)

  7. uh! that's terrible, yo can come around if you want!

  8. They do not have a concert in Poland at this time :(

  9. I agree, Muse is coming to Mexico so I'm quite happy, what about you?

  10. por ahí lol en qro y tu?

  11. Yes, Glorious and Knight Of Cydonia are great. Uprising, Madness, Survival too, but I can't tell which is the best song :)

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