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  1. Have you noticed that the New Born and Unnatural Selection guitar riffs sounds nearly the same?
  2. No lol. Im joking but some shady parts of my city that is the case. Just make sure there's not a homeless shelter nearby where you will be walking.
  3. No you will get asked by every homeless person on the street for change. If you dont they will probably try to rape you so be prepared ok.
  4. Erect a giant phallic symbol while they play megalomania and it rises slowly.
  5. You think this is a fuckin' joke?! Asshole.
  6. Is anyone making a really long trek to make it to this gig?
  7. I like it when I put peanut butter on my nipples and let my dog lick it off.
  8. Maybe he should just join five finger death punch.
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