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  1. Thanks everyone. I wrote aorfix a message one week ago.. he didnt write back yet. But thanks anyway
  2. I didn't find many free software yet, but i tried it with a Guitar Rig demo (but i dont had enough time ) Reaper (but i dont know how to use it) and a few others.. The whammy is connected with a USB-MIDI cable
  3. Hey there, at first, im new in this Forum, and i'm from Austria (not Australia, lol) so, im sorry for my bad english. I've been a MUSE fan for more than 2 years right now, and in can't stop listening and i'm a guitarist and i love playing and covering muse. Well.. my question is : how can i make the map of the proplematique guitar sound? yes, i know that there are many threads with this question. im serious, i've read a lot of posts with the same question, but i'm not able to find out what i am doing wrong. equipment : BOSS ME-70, digitech whammy i already know that i need a programm which one i can control the whammy via MIDI. and theres my problem, i think. i tried a lot of programs, but most of the time the whammy didnt respone to that or i didnt know how to use the program, lol lets say, a FREE! software. I also read that a lot of people are using cubase but.. a bit expensive, huh? it would give me a great pleasure if there are any guitarist who can help me or doing a step-by-step instruction what i need and what i have to do (..for dummies.) i hope my english is not that bad and i wish you a nice day thanks
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