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  1. Audience at iron maiden gig was last week was confirmed 28k and my friend (participated both gigs) said that last night stadium had more people than ironmaiden night. the field was fuckin full.. he predicted something between 30-35k. nice.
  2. I recognized Agitated when Matt started to sing it and then i was like prepared to hear some more rare stuff so i identified Yes please straight off Crrrrraaazzzyyyyy gig. Everything would have been extra perfect if we had heard B&H, Dead Star and bliss instead of Feeling Good, Guiding Light and gig starting 10 minutes late. Loved it.
  3. Haha 30k to olympic stadium... never gonna happen. propably 20k
  4. Setlist Emirates night 1: 1. Supremacy 2. Supermassive Black Hole 3. Panic Station 4. Hysteria 5. Bliss 6. Animals 7. Knights of Cydonia 8. Butterflies & Hurricanes 9. Citizen Erased 10. United States of Eurasia 11. Follow Me 12. Madness 13. Liquid State 14. Time is Running Out 15. Plug in Baby 16. Unintended 17. Black Out 18. Undisclosed Desires 19. Fury 20. Isolated System 21. Uprising 22. Stockholm Syndrome 23. Unsustainable 24. Starlight 25. Survival
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