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    Weeelll, I'm not crazy, my mother had me checked...
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    Gaming (mmo's mainly, sometimes ps3)
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    OASIS <3
    30 Seconds to Mars
    The Temper Trap
    Kaiser Chiefs
    Linkin Park
    The Verve
    and a hell of a lot more that I can't remember atm
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    Batman (Nolan's ones)
    X-Men -all of them
    and mooreee that i can't remember
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    Avatar - The Last Airbender
    Doctor Who
    Top Gear
    Big Bang Theory
    Wolverine and the X-Men
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    Sherlock Holmes
    Lord of the Rings and Hobbit
    Eragon series
    His Dark Materials Trilogy
    Inheart Trilogy
    Book of Lies Trilogy
  1. Well, I actually love your reasonable replies to things, so I didn't mean to come across offended or pissed off. And yes, Santa was particularly horny in the wee hours of this morning.
  2. Shit, I've been gone for a while. Good to see Simon's still up to pointing out everyone's flaws What would this board be without you. I'd say Starlight but I can't think of a reason, really. Madness is pretty mad too, though.
  3. ... I shouldn't have voted. Damn, I always do this..my initial opinion of the album wasn't good...but now that I have it, I'm loving it
  4. 4 stars is quite reassuring. I was worried that they would just completely bomb out on this album xD
  5. Ahh I hope we get both versions of Follow Me...and i keep forgetting that Matt has a baby! how cute ^__^
  6. haha I love it. It would have actually pissed me off if it left the dubstep thing halfway, but it felt complete and epic. And what's all this talk about not liking Take a Bow? o.O
  7. Love it, but as a background for the board, it's doing my head in.
  8. welll, salvation was part 4, but a joke, aand it's dom singing creep, i believe? OT, but just answering a question. Brilliant, what reason would they have for releasing a tracklist if everything else wasn't close by?
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