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  1. Absolutely awesome, almost perfect set list. My neck hurts from headbanging. Also feel like partying and missed connections ad for the person in front of me xD Three hour drive home now! Woo!
  2. Muscle Museum Citizen Erased Futurism Bliss Eternally Missed Hyper Music Dead Star Yes Please The Groove Unnatural Selection I wish I could vote for Execution Commentary as well as Yes Please. We could have 10 minutes of yelled gibberish. A little angry I couldn't have DWNT with Hyper Music :/
  3. Yeah, apparently seats way a the back are equivalent to those in block C. Trying to decide whether to get a refund or still go. £180 is a lot of money for bad seats :/
  4. I'm ticked off with the new seats seeing as I have pretty bad eyesight, and especially as I made an effort to get good seats early. I sent gigsandtours a customer service thingy, I sure hope they have better seats or I'll have to get a refund.
  5. Has anyone else had their seats re-allocated? I had tickets for block 18, Row C which I was happy with. I just got an email saying I've been moved to block 20, Row MM which I am not at all happy with. Anyone have any idea as to why that might be? And if they will do anything if I complain?
  6. That was excellent! Even though I had a woman who stood up in front of me for the whole show (I can't stand for long 'cause I have a bad back,) and we missed the last train home, it was definitely worth it.
  7. We got Row C! I'm so excited! How long is the gig expected to last? I need to find out if I can get trains home
  8. I'm so happy, got 3 tickets up in block 421 from the early sales! My first Muse gig!
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