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  1. I agree here. Lyrics are brilliant but the song itself not so much. Besides, I have difficulties to get used to Chris' voice... I'm sure it would grow on me after few days but for now he sounds kind of weird. I think I like him a little bit more in Liquid State. Better song in general.
  2. For now, it's my favourite song from the new album. Right before Supremacy (which is my second best from the new ones). First song from The 2nd Law (and probably the only one) I loved after only 20 seconds with no hesitation. It happens rarely with new Muse songs, at least considering me. It makes me wanna dance, scream and "do what the fuck I want to" - really motivating and it sounds like they had so much fun recording it
  3. Awww. This is the song my mum and her sister loved. They both weren't really fond of Muse but when they heard this song they changed their mind completely. I'll never forget when my mum's sister told me with tears in her eyes "My God, I was so sure that he would sing out of tune at some point! But he didn't. NOT ONCE! It was beautiful". Isn't that sweet?
  4. Great idea, I would definitely join and spread the world with news. But me and my friends have another idea... quite riddiculous, but maybe you will join Do you remember this: ??? Yeah, so we thought that it would be kind of awesome if we all put on the tesco bags during the Starlight when Matt sings "black holes and revelations" - especially when they let the crowd sing. We could sing "bag holes and reveletions" instead with tesco bags on our heads - ofc it is not really safe so we will have to have two holes for eyes and also holes for mouth so we can breathe quite freely And we would put them on just for a while, just for fun What do you think? Is it too stupid?
  5. Hi guys, how do you like Mamaamama-ma-ma-ma-mamamama-ma-ma-madness? At first I was like "WTF IS THIS" but then I loved it. SO MUCH
  6. Haha, well for me tea = pee, so no, thanks. I won't queue just to stuck in the toilet in the end I can sense just now that it will be so much fun there, waiting for them for looooong hours - maybe I even gain some new great friends...
  7. Hahah, this made me laugh out loud! However, when I think about it... yeah, maybe it would've been a really useful idea
  8. Hi! Yeah, me too So excited Yuup, we were thinkign about 6 am also, but I think it is too early. I think we eat some breakfest first and then we come:) We'll see, nothing is fixed for now.
  9. I agree... However, I'm glad that at least they finally did it... at the very end and it was really short, but it was amazing feeling to see them performing after such a long break
  10. Hard to tell As soon as possible I'm going to Łodź day before the gig so I can be there in the morning
  11. Exactly. I'm going to do everything to stay in the first row, this time.
  12. I love it! Again, they surprised me However the background could be black... but I'll get used to it, I'm sure.
  13. Your argument is still in terms of your own opinion. You think that those are soulless pieces. It feels fake and lack in real emotions for you. But I assure you that it doesn't feel fake for me and bunch of other people. Actually, this is exactly what I am trying to say: This is the best and most accurate thing I've read on this board so far!
  14. Rather not. Maybe afterwards Yeah, it's not an exciting neither breathtaking city... at least that's what I heard as well
  15. Well... yeah. But still... could be even more best
  16. Same here;( It could be the best opening ceremony ever. Such a bummer at the end;(
  17. In your humble opinion. ^THIS! Very much agree. Your point here is really interesting. I mean I never really think about it that way but it all makes sense. But I'm still not sure how it works in my case. I think that maybe Muse has similar sensibility to art. I see the art and music in "their way". They create songs which touch me. It seems like they create songs which describes my own sensibility to the world and art in general. When I started to listen to them it was all very new to me. At first they seemed very weird and extraordinary to me, too extreme even and I really didn't fall in love instantly. It came with the passage of time. And it surprised me because this is the first time when everything they created touched me. First time it was the whole album and not one song that I liked. Every song of theirs means something to me. I'm still aware it sound silly but it really feels that way. It feels like I founf my soul mates just because I feel this strong connection to what they do/create. And I'd really love to highlight the facet that what I love the most about them is that they are not afraid of experiments. I love that their albums are different. I can understand that for some people they have become worse - it natural thing, everyone has their own taste in art/music and everything else. I just don't like when people are trying to prove everyone who thinks differently that they're wrong. Perfection and good music is a relative concept. Everyone can have their own view on that and people should tolerate that.
  18. When I started reading this I didn't have any expectations. But this interview somehow fulfill them. And give me even more. I'm so excited about everything. I don't know how they do it, but they are perfect for me - they are everything I want them to be. Seriously. Dom saying "if they hate it, cool" about Survival? That's what I imagined someone of them would say. Chris singing? I wouldn't dare to ask... this will be so... new <3
  19. I'm a very VERY eager Polish fan. But I cannot say it for rest of Polish fans, unfortunately. I'm not sure either. This is their first (muse's) OWN concert here. You know, not a festival. So it's hard to foresee. Anyway for now, me and my friends are planning to be there as soon as possible. Probably in the morning. Depends on many factors, actually.
  20. Well, that is possible here. But with climate constantly changing you never know What time do you plan to get there?
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