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  1. Thank you! I opened it up in the shop and it was absolutely phenomenal! Part of me would have preferred the matte black one when this runs specs were announced, but they've really gone all out on the glitter this year and I couldn't be happier with it. My reaction to seeing it:
  2. Like 7 years ago I had just put my name on the waiting list Good to hear it's still going strong. I'll be getting mine tomorrow!
  3. Santa should be ready any day now... Nearly 8 years I've waited and missed out on numerous runs, but the hype is still strong
  4. Did anyone order one of those limited edition MB straps? I couldn't resist the black and silver one.
  5. Santa 2.0 coming this month, hopefully Did anyone here get any of the new MB models?
  6. Any news on the MBs? They haven't responded to my email in weeks & I don't want to pester them
  7. Probably my favourite Muse song since '06. On the first few listens the tempo and structure sounded an absolute mess to me, but now I love it. Weird.
  8. K&T is quiet Got a question regarding MIDI screens... if it's plugged into a whammy, does the X/Y axis affect the foot rocker itself, or can a different axis change the setting of the pedal?
  9. Does the V have this problem? I had the IV for 6 years and had no problems other than calibrating constantly.
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