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  1. I passed by the CD on the rack at Walmart and the sticker said it includes the hit singles Something Human, Pressure, and Get Up And Fight. So either that's an error or this will be the next single. Chorus is fun to sing and his falsetto screams at the end are the best he's sounded in a minute
  2. Too late for a screening in Spokane? Y'all got like six showings in the Seattle area, but that's a five hour drive away. Second biggest city needs some love too
  3. If you look up those lyrics, you can hear it! and I'll agree with Yes Please. Though the last play of it was probably the best sounding, even if it was only like half of it.
  4. Unrelated, but i noticed after they played Agitated on the last stream, I realized he's been singing the lyrics from the Newton Abbot demo for the second verse for a few years now. Kinda neat.
  5. Couple new Instagram posts. Matt's back at it with the acoustic says an acoustic track for real this time and he's still trying haha. Also flipping through a book of VHS cover art so the album will probably have the same theme throughout aesthetically.
  6. Curious why it says A Dig Down Production at the bottom. Perhaps that's the name of the fictional band in the video, considering Chris is still dressed similarly in the poster, or perhaps they decided to make Dig Down the title track of the new album.
  7. In defense of occasional playback use, I think Queen did it well with Bohemian Rhapsody. To my knowledge they never sang the middle operatic section live, obviously that would be rough to pull off every night. So they'd use playback for it and disappear off stage, then explosively reemerge for the next bit.
  8. Hard to believe I've had mine for almost a year and a half now. Just gave the beauty a cleaning and restringing.
  9. Yeah especially considering they must have slapped the song together within a day, quite good.
  10. Since Muse got rained out, The Killers played Starlight for them which I thought was awesome. Two of my favorite bands. I think Flowers is an amazing vocalist but even he struggled with this one on parts, still a lovely tribute. https://youtu.be/UCt0u6x1nH0
  11. Probably these two for me since I've had them tattooed haha. I have the quote from SFA over top the Absolution artwork and then the B&H one on top of the artwork for that single and they're colliding. Concept was losing hope and finding it and the struggle between the two.
  12. I think calling Feeling Good their worst live song is way too harsh. I would rather see any other piano song in that slot, but FG is a fun live song. Most people know it even if they haven't heard Muse's version, so you get a pretty good sing along and the song has got a decent energy to it. I've seen it twice now and I quite enjoyed it.
  13. I thought Starlight was hilarious. The performance was fine, but the audio mix didn't pick up the crowd well enough so it was dead quiet when Matt asked them to sing. He also walked through the crowd at the same time and I think he instantly regretted it. It was a gauntlet of drunk Texans and he had to put some girl he was walking with in a headlock just to swat someone else away. I was cracking up. Good show though.
  14. My point isnt necessarily about this song in general. You guys hate every single thing they do and expect everything to be shit. I'm just really confused why you guys bother anymore. All thst comes through on here is negativity and it sucks. I'd love to be more active here, but its a real cesspool.
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