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    Kate Beckinsale's black heels


    Every girl should have at least a pair of black heels in their shoe cabinet. We can dress them at any occasions. They are just so helpful and not critical. In our eyes, they cannot be creative but can be elegant, just like the Heels of Kate Beckinsale.

  2. Man of mystery makes a nice ringtone. Plus it makes you look suave and sophisticated B)
  3. Just found the best one: Assassin. The great thing is it sound a bit like a telephone at the start but if you dont pick it up.......... BOOM massive guitar riff. Made me drop my phone the first time! lol
  4. Is The Groove riff the same as the start of The Groove? or is it a separate riff which i haven't heard and will now need to go and find IMMEDIATELY haha good to hear all your choices as well. I have a new favourite; Start of Agitated, studio version or live (hullabaloo) i haven't decided which one yet. overall the song sounds better live but the intro is clearer on the studio version. Opinions?
  5. I was just wondering what true Musers have as their ringtones? Dont worry if its just a part of the song as you will see from my choices i have done the same! My Favourites: Start of Citizens Erased (live form Hullabaloo) U just gotta love those drums ;-) Stockholm Syndrome (Just studio version) Stockholm Syndrome (End riffs played at Wembley from H.A.A.R.P) Gives me goosebumps everytime! Hysteria (studio version) But my current favorite, because it just sounds like it should be a polyphonic ringtone, is Popcorn (Muse cover)
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