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  1. I've got a cover of KoC on Youtube. I don't think it's all that good. I might either re-do it or cover another Muse song. Hmm...
  2. Yeah the tremolo on it is surprisingly good. It's alot better than my other guitar. It's always fun to play Knights of Cydonia with my Westfield.
  3. Thought i'd make a new thread for this as it seems quite interesting to see what the Muser's here have always wanted.
  4. I've got a Westfield. Same one as yours except its black. I don't really like it. I'm trying to get rid of it . I play it in Drop D.
  5. Showbiz - Showbiz OoS - Bliss/ Plug In Baby/ Micro Cuts Absolution - The Small Print/ Hysteria BH&R - KoC The Resistance - Resistance
  6. Man, need to wait until August to get my ticket! (. My Higher exam results come out then and if i get all A's i can go. The bad news is that the tickets will obviously be sold out then and double, maybe even triple the price from anybody else. But the good news is that, if that's the case, my dad will still buy me the ticket! So, fingers crossed
  7. Pendulum would be so awesome. They are my other favorite band who i've been listening to longer than Muse and that'll be one hell of a gig, I'll be absolutely mental if Pendulum do support (even though it's unlikely) Muse when they come to Glasgow.
  8. Literally just jumped off my seat in amazement when i saw this. This will the concert i'm looking forward to more than any other i have been before and will be going in the future.
  9. Showbiz: Escape OoS: Futurism Hullabaloo: The Gallery Absolution: Falling Away With You BH&R: Glorious Teh Resistance: Unnatural Selection/ Guilding Light
  10. I can't find a video to Space Dementia on guitar. Or am i just confusing myself and its the outro of Knights of Cydonia when they play it live?
  11. Thanks Lucy. I got it! Never noticed it before. Silly me.
  12. Hey guys, i tried to upload a profile picture so many times now and it just never shows it under my name when i post something.
  13. Yeah, Out of This World. Is very very good. Ive already read it and im reading it a second time right now. It tells you alot of very interesting information and insights in the book as it was written from a first-hand kind of view from Mark Beaumont who is a close friend to Muse and have been with them ever since the very start.
  14. Why would your fingers hurt? It should be alot less painful. My guitar has Dunlop Zak Wylde 10's on them and all my guitar teacher's guitars have 8's on them and when i play his guitars, its alot easier to play and ALOT less painful.
  15. Why would you need to learn on a steel strung acoustic??
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