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    Trying to get into medical school....focking sucks really.
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    Arlington Heights, IL
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    A university student.
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    Muse (lol), Radiohead, The Black Keys, The Strokes.... those are my top. I could go on all day listing the rest.
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    I watch a lot of foreign and independent films. I've enjoyed British, Japanese, German, Polish, and Norwegian films particularly.
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    House MD, Lost, Top Gear (UK), not much TV though.
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    Wow, a lot...I own over 2,000 books I believe. As for publications, I keep up with The Economist, MOJO, SPIN, Q Magazine, and NME.
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    All their CD's, all their work in digital FLAC format, Vinyl's, a guitar pick used by Matt, various tour posters, some shirts, pins, and what not.
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    Lollapalooza 2011, 2010 United Center Chicago, Lollapalooza 2007, Terra Vibe Athens Greece 2007, Aragon Ballroom Chicago 2006, Riviera Theatre Chicago 2004, Metro Chicago 2004,
  1. They were here in 2007 and then again in 2011 and they had e-p-i-c concerts....it would be amazing if there was some bootleg- preferably in 320kbps MP3 or greater. EDIT: I am compiling my own Lollapalooza compilation! Stay tuned!
  2. I really hope they stick to guitars more. I mean I loved Resistance, but I feel that if they take a step further they'll end up with a 'TKOL' album which imo doesn't suit Muse. I remember reading in an interview with Chris that this new album will incorporate half elements from what is traditionally known as Muse (esp. from Origin and Absolution ) and the other half will be something totally new; you'll know it's them but there will definitely be new elements to the music.
  3. The final climax in Stockholm S. or the final climax in Starlight.
  4. Oh lol...forgot about that holiday. Nothing wrong with pretending to be Matt though :-) lol. I have a large basement...I would blast Muse to deafening concert levels from their live discs when my parents weren't home and mess around with that guitar I sold.
  5. Omg...you people play with foam guitars??? Sigh.... Well this is how it's done (and I'm an epic muse fan since 99). I actually play guitar and some Muse songs, so I am happy with my 70's Fender Telecaster and Harmony H48. However, I DID make a Glitterati once and sold it on eBay for $400. Cost me less than $110 to make though. Steps: 1. Get the guitar. There is a guitar that looks almost exactly like the Glitterati (probably more so than any other cheap marketed guitar) and by coincidence it is one of the cheapest beginner guitars on the market. It can be found at most big guitar stores and is easier for order. You can probably get it used off of ebay for around $50. The link from where I got it is here: http://www.guitarcenter.com/B-C--Rich-ASM-1-Electric-Guitar-105806921-i1524095.gc It's a red B.C. Rich ASM 1 electric guitar. 2. Now you have it for the most part. The job is to install the touch screen (which will be fake of course). Go to Home Depot or some hardware/home development store and purchase an address plate, and one that is smoothed and shined silver. I managed to easily find one upon walking into the store that was the exact size of the silver plating around the touchscreen on Matt's guitar. If it's not hollowed out don't worry...I will explain later. 3. Get the opaque glass. (and yes matt's touchscreen is made out of glass) It will need to be no more than a few mm thick and needs to be frosted opaque. You can probably find this at the hardware store, but I got it from IKEA for $20 and was used for a desktop, but I used a fine glass saw to cut it to perfect size. 4. Position the glass into the metal outline as if it were an address plate (remember to leave a bit of glass on the edges so that it can fit perfectly into the address plate holding edges underneath and not just what you see from in front. Use the four small screws that came with the address plate (these should also be shining silver) (also try to find your own if their longer than 0.80 inches to avoid damaging the guitar). These screw almost always have a pointed edge to be put into wood sidings, so position the plate with glass and symmetrically screw all four screws thoroughly and you're done! IF you bought an adress plate that has no center and instead has a deepened level for the address then simply screw it on as is and use a thin line of GORILLA glue on the EDGES of the plate and insert your glass. 5. Now not only do you have a perfect replica of Matt's guitar, it also fully works incase you ever want to start learning :-) Or you can sell it to a fellow Muser for a good and clever price. OPTIONAL- No that glass does not light up, but it looks better than retarded marker scribbles on white notebook paper. It looks like the real thing.... if you are feeling genius, then buy flat green and blue LEDs and lay them underneath the glass. How you will wire them and power them is beyond my expertise...but it isn't impossible. Maybe carefully carve a quarter size/depth into the guitar body and put a Lithium Ion (those flat/thin watch batteries) into it and use thin naked copper wiring to the flat LED lights. That should light them for a year or so, but it would be permanently on. Then simply screw the glass/address plate ontop of them. ENJOY
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