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  1. Does any know how people are going to queue because i was reading the posts in today's gig forum and some people are saying there are people pushing in and no orgainsed queuing system.
  2. I've never been to a stadium gig, so I have a few questions: 1) I want to be at the barrier, so what time should I get there 2) as i will be queuing up by myself can i ask people around me to save my spot while I go to the toilet? 3) Are there restaurants, toilets nearby? 4) Is there a place to leave bags or do i have to carry them into the stadium? 5)Will there be Muse merch stalls, and what time will they be open (after the gig)? 6) gates open at 5 , how long do i have to wait for Muse? 7) Will we be queuing completely outisde, or be will like the o2? Thank you in advance!!
  3. yup, worked perfectly for me too. no problems
  4. This is my first gig so I have a few questions: 1)If I bring a bag do i have to keep it with me all the time or are there lockers or something? 2) i'm planning to queue up from 9am - any tips at all would be greatly appreciated 3)i'm 16 years old and have a standing ticket - do i need yo bring some kind of id? 4)what is the standing area like for a short-ish person? Thank You in advance
  5. most people are probably voting panic station because it brand new and we've just began to be addicted to it whereas SMBH has had a couple of years to sink it.
  6. The song is amazing - Chris should've had a main singing part before. His voice is very different to Matt's- gentler somehow? But I wouldn't say the song is very Muse-y
  7. when is this gig gona b filmed? i could probably go down to Battersea
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