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  1. I'm totally convinced they won't play Dig Down. Suggestive evidence: No Madness at Zepp, Montreux, Electric Ballroom, all of the Psycho UK Tour and Download, and no Starlight at the Belfast Psycho Tour gig or Download. It's clear they know those songs don't fit at these types of gigs (deep cuts, hardcore fans), so I would be utterly shocked if they didn't realise the same about Dig Down.
  2. Tbh I think we tend to underestimate the true size of the US. Webster Hall only has a capacity of 1500, and if you start on the west coast of Ireland the US reaches all the way into Kazakhstan. It's like saying if they never played in Europe that a tiny gig in Kazakhstan would at least be something for the Europeans.
  3. Interesting dilemma. No way to know without asking Settheset. Edit: There's of course the problem that the tickets could go to someone who'd vote for the singles, any by giving them to someone on here you'd rule that out as a possibility... but you could be taking away that person's right to vote... in favour of the greater good?
  4. Guess we can count something like this out then for a final gig before hiatus. https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/nine-inch-nails/2009/wiltern-theatre-los-angeles-ca-7bd796f4.html
  5. So someone met Matt last night and he apparently said that if SBE is a success they'll do more request gigs. Not entire sure how they'd measure success though...
  6. Due to the fact that I ended up with a seating ticket I called them and asked if it was possible to change to standing. Then eventually was discussing with them about completely cancelling the ticket and saying I'd try again in the general sale. Afterwards I became very paranoid that there had been some miscommunication and that they had cancelled it.
  7. I just realised you basically copy and pasted my signature for the first part of yours. Suppose it was handiest since our gig list is basically identical.
  8. Don't know if this has been posted before. Main point: The idea was to have a by-request gig at R/L but since the vast majority there wouldn't have been Muse fans the would've ended up with a really safe set, and then decided to do a smaller venue which would end up with a more interesting set. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7U8pvYptYjo
  9. I remember that same person messaging me before Muse came on saying they could literally read Dead Star on the printed set from the barrier. So it's definitely not too high.
  10. Tbh I totally get any abuse we'd get. I'm tired of all this at this point and just want it to be done with. But I want it to be done right, not some shitty half-assed way.
  11. I'd ask in the fb group but I don't really want to be met with a barrage of "omg you should be happy just to see muse in a small venue who cares about the set" etc etc
  12. This is such a fucking shitstorm. If it was a full reset I would've changed my votes. Now I'm thinking of leaving them the same since the majority wont know about the updated list and it'll just be throwing votes away.
  13. Although having said that Overture is one of my favourite things Muse have ever done and an encore of Overture -> Dead Star -> Stockholm would be incredible. But I agree, SBE isn't the right place for it.
  14. I think people voting for Exogenesis will backfire massively. There is absolutely NOTHING to indicate that it's all three parts, and even when you click the snippet on settheset, it's just part 1.
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