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  1. Don't forget Liquid State is played high on the fretboard. So the main riff would then be A: 14h15-0-0-0-0-0-0-14h15-0-0-0-0-0-0-14h15-0-0-15h18-0-0-18p17p15-18p17p15-14h15 or something like that. I'm tabbing this by ear without a bass haha. But yeah playing it up there makes it way easier than down the neck as the stretch is way easier. You need massive hands to make it easy down the neck. And he's using octave->fuzz mixed with clean to make it sound awesome.
  2. Haha, I'll do an Easily cover the weekend and upload
  3. Chris has stopped using the OC-2 and is now using the EHX octave multiplexer. He uses octavers a fair bit. Always with clean blend. Osaka Jam - OC-2 into Animato Helsinki, Uprising - EHX into Crowther Prunes and Custard Starlight, Easily - EHX into Animato Exo Politics - just pure octave after the first chorus during the guitar solo That's all I can think of off the top of my head. I'll post more when I come across them
  4. Cheers, but I'll have to wait for general sale. gigs and tours said they'll only ship overseas in certain circumstances or something so it's a lot safer and easier to wait till the general release.
  5. Are there different entrances to the standing part of the venue? I'll be coming from Ireland and meeting some people and don't want to be separated if we have to go in different entrances.
  6. I'm going to this. Coming over from Ireland though and know no one, so hopefully I'll meet some of you guys or something. Being on my own at a gig would suck, but even more so being in a different country alone.
  7. I'm going to this. Coming over from Ireland though and know no one, so hopefully I'll meet some of you guys or something and you can keep me company. EDIT: Wait, no I'm not, wrong thread haha
  8. I'd say the two days between Manchester and Amsterdam are more likely. It's obviously going to cost more to get from London to Dublin to Manchester with all their equipment than it is to go London to Manchester to Dublin.
  9. Sunburn Unintended Nishe Host New Born Plug In Baby Feeling Good Time Is Running Out Stockholm Syndrome Interlude Hysteria Starlight Supermassive Black Hole Map of the Problematique Knights of Cydonia Uprising Resistance Undisclosed Desires Guidng Light United States of Eurasia Unnatural Selection Exogenises Overture Supremacy Madness Panic Station Survival Follow Me Animals Explorers Liquid State Unsustainable Isolated System
  10. Also just before the stadium gigs were announced MCD said they had a "big announcement" coming during the week. I've no idea if anything got announced but I didn't hear anything. It's very possible it was a Dublin gig and then muse management or someone said Dublin wasn't to be announced till later... All speculation of course.
  11. Still let's not forget the O2 date wasn't announced until about 5 weeks before the gig when all the other dates were announced months before. I'm very tempted to go to London just in case, but they did say they'd be back in the summer to play the Aviva. Well, supposedly anyway, I actually can't find any verfication of it besides half of internet land saying it.
  12. I would have to say Guiding Light, Soldiers Poem and Overdue. I hate them.
  13. Can't wait! Just asked to join the FB group. There's a chance I'll be going alone in case one of my friends can't get a ticket, so yeah I'll write some obscure Muse fact on a t-shirt or something so I can talk to people.
  14. Is there a forum where people can post links to their own music? could someone please move this to the right place? thanks!! So yeah, by band, please bare in mind this is terribly produced, and is a demo and pretty much terrible quality, for a lot of it the vocals are too high in the mix, just go to 3.10, its fine from their on!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYMP1HdpI-A
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