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  1. 40 seconds in sounds so similar to "I will consume" in Darkshines. Loving it.
  2. I think the video symbolises that Matt is just too far gone so Dom and especially Chris are trying to end it all
  3. https://twitter.com/Nowherethomas/status/968920309280616448
  4. I've never enjoyed Plug in Baby so much as I did tonight
  5. I heard 6.45 am. Also apparently some reliable sources have confirmed Eternally Missed will be played.
  6. Anyone know how long the voting is open for? For SBE it closed a week before the gig, so I'm curious how it'll work here given that the gig is in 6 days. Maybe that's why the list is less populated, they don't want to rehearse anything they know they can't play easily.
  7. This makes no sense. Why let this thing go live if the list isn't finished? Surely they couldve just copied + pasted the list from last time and added TC (which isn't even there). , Also lol that you can vote for Map of Your Head but not, say, Knights.
  8. At least the list more or less has some structure this time.
  9. I assumed the same. If its fb voting this will be awful. Edit: So what's actually happening is the ticket holders get to choose their top 5 tracks like at SBE but I'm assuming the order will be decided on FB.
  10. Tbh I like it. Fucking love the subtle envelope filters going on. I'm sure I wont care for it by the end of the day, but its at least giving me some short-term enjoyment, which is more than I can say for Dig Down.
  11. Rock Werchter '15 was streamed, Micro Cuts, CE, Uno, AP.
  12. 7. SMBH Wow so far night 2 is getting a bit screwed
  13. 1. Dig Down 2. DS + Psycho 3. Interlude + Hysteria Edit: Matt's guitar tone sounds a bit shit
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