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  1. MADDY :awesome:

    Sorry, saw you on the active list and went :eek:

    How've you been? :happy:

  2. One of my friends has one of the same ones on Tumblr :LOL:

  3. It's brilliant, right? :LOL:

  4. School is my favourite :awesome:

  5. Oh joy, education! :awesome:

  6. A teacher at my friend's school was guilty of pedophilia :awesome:

  7. My teacher is rumored to be a pedo! :awesome:

  8. You might get extra marks :awesome:

  9. oh, that makes more sense... haha, oh well, at least it'll surprise my audience!

  10. When they're up there ;)

    But in front of your class works too so. :awesome:

  11. :LOL: In front of my entire class? I think so ;)
  12. :(

    Or you flash back :eyebrows:

  13. That's the problem, I have no idea how I lost it :(

    :LOL: I should have done that! Next time... :eyebrows:

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