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  1. yeah, I guess everyone's got that obsession period. mine was when I started discovering all the songs in depth and I was like "that's it, it doesn't get better than this....hey look, a better song!"


    I couldn't even see how shit the shit parts of The Resistance were because it was the first album I've heard and I was just drooling all over it. Now I just facepalm everytime I think back to how epic I thought US was... :LOL:


    Then T2L came and I slowly came back to earth, the whole thing was a disappointment, bar a few moments (animals, survival, isolated system). I tried persuading myself that "come one man, look how epic Supremacy is" but I had to realise that the whole thing somehow lost momentum. Then came drones, and it went from "meh" to shit. Like, seriously shit.

    Other than The Handler, I can't name one song on that thing that doesn't make me cringe or frown. Not sure I even want to spend money on seeing them this year, I could afford 3 much better shows for that price.

  2. Two examples do not make a point.


    Chris Corner, Markus Krunegård (unknown to this board but still), Thåström (same), Björk, Beyonce, Serj Tankian did well on his own, Justin Timberlake, Robbie Williams, Bernhoft,Phil Collins, Lou Reed, Gwen Stefani, Iggy Pop, Paul McCartney, Dallas Green, Eric Clapton. Michael Jackson for christ's sake. There are so many examples.


    80% of those are pretty dreadful imo :LOL:


    a film score by Matt would be nice. Nothing else would really get me excited. I wasn't exactly amazed by what we've heard of Chris's songwriting so far and as for Dom I just can't see him doing anything really different from something like vicky cryer.


    but since I think Muse themselves have pretty much become a huge meh/ew, I don't think their solo projects would be any better.

  3. Crashin' the thread 'ere!


    So, I'm hopefully going to see Muse with one of my good friends next year. It'll be my first proper gig.

    I am excited, however the other half of me is like "What the Hell are you thinking?" as I'm not good with crowds, I'm incredibly paranoid and pretty much fear my safety. These fears only started proper (or should I say "pwopa"? I'll get my coat :p) when I finally get the opportunity to go to a gig.


    But this is something I've wanted to do for a long time! Seeing Muse live is a fantastic opportunity! I know tips have been said on the thread and I've been pretty much browsing through this thread and there is alot of helpful advice I'm taking on board but I'm going to ask anyway. Any tips for a noob? :p


    Oh, and we got standing tickets lol


    just try calming yourself with the fact that the people around you are there for the same reason as you: to enjoy music. I love going to live shows because I like to think that for a short period, the whole crowd stops being a group of individuals, and rather becomes a mass of emotion dissolved in the music. if you can drift away like that, you'll feel great.


    oh, and please don't say pwopa. just don't.

  4. eh this is nice. back then I was dreading the idea Muse could do some song IN 10 MINUTES. While these long songs to do are kind of okay but...


    That indeed reminds me the old prog rock times when it kept hitting off longer and longer on.


    well 10 minutes doesn't really count as a drag when it comes to long as fuck prog stuff..

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