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  1. I can't help but think that Chris's songwriting credits are becoming similar to Queens of the Stone Age (Songs for the Deaf had 3 main contributors with their own credit) or something like that...
  2. We still have yet to hear Explorers, Big Freeze, Liquid State, and most of Isolated System. I hope they don't release the former 3 songs until the album.
  3. +1, sometimes less is more. @bumpy: I was saying that in past tense for myself
  4. Re-read OP, get the point now. I just don't find it very exciting... which isn't really the point of the thread The worst musically would be Execution Commentary because there are no real lyrics, bad production, and only two riffs and some crap guitar improv. I'm thinking Muse should of just put that as the outro to Yes Please when they recorded the studio version.
  5. Hate This And I'll Love You Host Recess Spiral Static and I don't know if it applies, but the SMBH Phones Control Voltage remix is awesome.
  6. I think Pink Ego Box is hilarious, but for Muse it's GL-esque. For me, the worst Muse song musically would be probably Overdue.
  7. I think once T2L comes out I'm going to take all the good songs out of the last three and order them.
  8. Showbiz B Sides Jimmy Kane Yes Please Recess Minimum Agitated Con-Science Spiral Static Falling Down Pink Ego Box Do We Need This? Nishe Twin Coma Forced In Host Ashamed
  9. If Isolated System turns out how I think it'll overall sound like (concrete music with piano improv the whole way through), I think it'll be the most beautiful thing Muse ever created.
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