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  1. I wasnt, i was talking about my newfound appreciation of Muse while my senses were heightened
  2. I smoked with a friend of mine in his car while he had his ipod hooked up. After we were done, we started driving and KoC came on right as i started to feel the effects of the herb. It was the most intense fucking thing ever! It was like i had a sixth sense, i cant describe it but i could sense every strum, pick and drum beat in the same sense of being able to sense every flap of a hummingbird's wings. It was absolutely incredible, like rediscovering muse all over again. BELLAMY IS A FUCKING GOD! Has anyone else had a similar experience?
  3. Really, I think MOTP is the song most unlike other Muse songs.
  4. I'd always thought it was Dom, but I've had my doubts. Is it anyone significant?
  5. That's not what I mean, you smartass lol
  6. What is the best/your favorite single lyric from each of the albums?
  7. Along with some of the songs previously stated, I think Unnatural Selection should be in there too
  8. The only similarities I've seen is in Radiohead's song "My Iron Lung" where the guitar kinda sounds like the guitar in Hyper Music and the lyric "Faith, you're driving me away" is a lot like "Faith, it drives me away" in Glorious. I'm not too familiar with all of Radiohead's work, but I'm just wondering if I'm missing something.
  9. Or is that just a stupid rumor I read on the Internet?
  10. Do you think they'll perform all of Absolution in 2013 like they did with OoS at R+L for its 10 year anniversary, or any other album for that matter? Or do you think they only did OoS because it was arguably the most important album to their success? I'd like to see it done with Absolution, and maybe even BHaR
  11. I love Muse and Citizen Erased, but I never really understood why the song is so popular among Muse fans. It's like the number one favorite of fans and the song they want most for them to play live. Again, I really do like the song, I just don't get the whole obsession of it. What am I missing here?
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