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  1. Best gig ever, no complaint about the band, got to see deadstar live which was definitely one on the bucket list and in a small sweaty venue to boot . And it sounded much less 'overproduced' than back when they played it at war child which was awesome. Obviously lost it at the groove along with everyone else . Only thing that ruined it. The creepy little midget in the white shirt on Chris' side near the main amp stacks. Appeared to be smashed, was on a mission to get to the front and was being utterly unpleasant about it. I also swear he was molesting my little brother. At one point he was snuggled right behind him, head on his shoulder and everything. Bouncing really fast when absolutely no one else was. Sorry for the little rant just really wanted to shame the nasty little pervert. If he's on here even better.
  2. Sorry if it's already been mentioned, there's allot of posts to read through. Does everybody have the seating row thing on there bookings? Manchester Academy doesn't have seating does it? Thought I'd make sure before me and my lil brother queue for 3+ hours just to find out were seated anyway. Plan to set off for the venue from Bury about 3ish
  3. hey we joined on the same day!

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