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  1. To be fair, I think the individual performances of the songs themselves were better than the first time. Supermassive Black Hole was fucking amazing this time, while it felt like nothing special the last time.
  2. I recorded this yesterday. s647oa6zWzo I'm pretty happy with it...EXCEPT THE HORRIBLE LATE CRASH BEFORE THE BREAK
  3. This is the thread that keeps on giving. He must have had a huge fight with Kate, if his dreams made him swear in Panic Station.
  4. The song doesn't have of any fast pedal work, aside from the part at 3:56 which any half decent drummer could play. Not even the heel/toe technique is needed.
  5. Patchey


    I thought it sounded a little different than a straight 4/4 beat. Love how they went into 5/4 in this song, it's something they should do a bit more of.
  6. Wish it was in the PC. Much better acoustics.
  7. Showbiz Citizen Erased Fury Knights of Cydonia MK Ultra Supremacy
  8. I would pay absurd amounts of money to see them cover Prophets of War by Dream Theater. Hell, it's practically already a Muse song, all you have to do is imagine Matt singing. SLZ2PmpUTkA
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