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  1. I'm not even huge on The Void, but this is pretty fucking awesome. Matt playing the synth part on guitar with the mic still in his hand. Whyyyy in the world did they wait so long to play this? Makes no sense, this should've absolutely been a staple song. It fits with this show perfectly and works really well live.

  2. 9 hours ago, sharky said:

    can't help My Nickname.

    all I'm saying, is the  Band have left many Demo's from Showbiz & Origin Of Symmetry Era out of this Box Set.

    how many times were the songs from both albums, and the B-sides, rehearsed & recorded before the final cuts?.

    I would love to hear, say the early recorded Demo's of Bliss, and the changes from one recording too the next, and on Bliss progressed, until the final finished edit.

    I want to hear thr real Origins of the songs from that Era.

    I look forward to hearing tracks I have not heard before.

    but they could have given us so much more.



    So basically you want to hear every recorded version of every song.

    Like I said, they did put never-before-heard Origin instrumental demos on there, so we will hear how the songs sounded before the final recordings. There's also an early version of Plug in Baby with the Newton Abbot Demo CD.

  3. 5 minutes ago, sharky said:

    never mentioned MOney!.

    just saying, many Demo's are missing from the Box Set

    see Pohto below.


    muse new tracks october 2000 maverick promo back.jpg

    The money part was directed towards Fabri.

    Again, I don't know why you assumed all these unreleased demos would be on there. They never said anything specific. They put 9 Origin-era instrumental demos on there as well.

  4. How are people complaining about this? "Poor effort," really? They clearly put a lot of effort into this and it's packed with content. They never said it was going to be jam-packed with every bit of unreleased content they could find. There's still as much, if not more, unreleased content than I was expecting, and the rest of it is a lot more than I was expecting. The book itself looks really well made as well.

    Also, if you genuinely think this is simply a cash grab then I guess you think literally anything a band releases besides albums is a cash grab. Of all things to call a cash grab 🙄

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  5. I made this Muse Madness bracket using 100 songs (the max). A lot of B-sides didn't make the cut unfortunately, as I gave studio album tracks first priority. Since it's 100 instead of the standard 64, 28 songs got a first-round bye. This was originally done for the subreddit so a lot of those choices are made based on the survivor results from over there and not completely my personal choices of most deserving tracks. If you click on the image it is much higher quality. Feel free to fill one out if you like!



  6. 15 minutes ago, hyena17 said:

    Yeah but outdoor amphitheater season will be over in Sept.  I think if they come back it will be the same as 2013 - they'll do like 10 or so shows with the same production. 

    I didn't necessarily mean an amphitheater tour again, but it wouldn't be this year. When they came back for the amphitheater tour last time it was about 2 years after the release of Drones. So it could be next summer/fall. They have dates up until this fall already anyway.

    I just don't think their arena shows in the US are selling well enough to come back with more dates. For most shows so far they've upgraded a lot of upper deck ticket holders to lower bowl for free because it wasn't full enough. And in at least Atlanta (and I'm sure some others), they've decreased the price of GA tickets down to upper deck prices.

  7. Not that this would ever happen, but Butterflies and Hurricanes would be such a perfect replacement for Mercy. Hardly any hardcore or even casual fans care at all about Mercy, and B&H could serve the same purpose. Have the confetti start coming up during the slow buildup after the piano interlude and then the streamers shoot out on "BEEESSST."  Would even have that triumphant vibe that suits streamers.

    Also I'm concerned about my concert setlist on March 26. I noticed Muse has a 2 week gap in a few days. I have a feeling they're going to swap the rotations then and I'll be stuck with Something Human instead of Propaganda and Isolated System instead of Pray. I really want to see Break It to Me, but at least Blockades would probably be really good live.

    Also also, just found this funny clip on IG. Not sure what happened.


  8. 5 hours ago, MrsRaven said:

    I agree with this - I have queued lots of times for hours to get barrier but this time felt the only way this was going to happen was to get a vip ticket - on other tours I have gone to more than one gig but this time can only afford to do one if I want to get on the barrier, I am not loaded and it upsets me that I am being accused of buying my way to the front.  I would much rather have bought “normal” tickets and take my chances with everyone else at two gigs.  Hope everyone enjoys themselves anyway !  

    Yeah you shouldn't feel guilty. It's just a really flawed system. There are huge fans like you who buy them cause you feel like you have to get barrier, and there's people who aren't big fans but have the income.

  9. 6 minutes ago, plastic passion said:


    Someone said they are 5'4 and could barely see over the b stage to the main stage. I'm 5'0 so I'm sad. I literally went online and bought boots with a 4 inch heel so I could maybe have a chance to see over the stage. ugh.

    Yeah that's where I originally was planning for, but decided to go with the side of the B-stage instead. If I can even get to it.

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  10. 1 minute ago, JessicaSarahS said:

    Last I heard, it was estimated about 100 VIP floor people? I could be wrong though. 

    Because of the height of the stage, you'll have a pretty good view from anywhere. As a shorty, I'm actually worried being too close now. I feel the area at the end of the B-stage is the best for show viewing. 

    Yeah I did think about that. Just really was hoping to have that prime spot for the ultimate experience. Plus I've been wanting any sort of interaction with the band for a decade now and that would be my one chance to high-five Matt haha.

  11. So does anyone know about how many VIP floor ticket holders there usually are? Like do they fill up most of the barrier? With how much barrier there is at these shows, I'm gonna be bummed if I can't get to any of it. I was even planning on standing back at one of the sides of the B-stage.

  12. So I'm a bit annoyed. I just checked on GA tickets for the Atlanta show and the price has been reduced down to $63 from the original $98 price, which is what I paid. After fees that's a $42 difference. That doesn't really seem fair at all.

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  13. I definitely have always agreed with these complaints and been angered at their treatment toward US shows/fans, but I think right now is an odd time to be complaining about it. They're playing full 2-hour shows and clearly putting in a ton of effort. The show also includes Take a Bow and overall a good chunk of older material, albeit not full songs. But honestly, though I would prefer full songs, the metal medley looks like a fucking awesome blitz of heaviness that lasts 13 minutes long, and I love that they put it in the encore instead of finishing with the dreadful Uprising - Starlight - Knights. They were likely never going to play Assassin but they at least threw in the riff for the hardcore fans. Same with Futurism and Micro Cuts, two really deep cuts. They threw those riffs in as part of the drum and bass jam. I think they're at least trying to please everyone. And luckily there's also 4 songs from Simulation Theory that I really love and they are all played as well (Algorithm, Dark Side, Propaganda, BITM). I'm content, as it's honestly a good bit better than my expectations going into this tour.

    Also I completely agree that they should drop/rotate a few of their singles, but complaining about their inclusion of Starlight/SMBH/Uprising is not really warranted imo. Those are literally their 3 biggest songs. Almost every band in existence plays their biggest hits at every single show. In the US at least this would include Madness as well, as that is probably their biggest hit in the US.

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  14. 5 hours ago, That Little Animal said:

    If only. 

    Is is anyone working on a Twilight tv show? 

    Would be cool though if it’s the opening theme for some sci fi show that becomes massively popular. 

    Matt said it's for an already well-known show.

    GoT wouldn't really make sense to me. Don't think it would have that kind of music. Matt seemed like he didn't know for sure if it would be April.

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