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  1. Sad that she's not around anymore! :(

  2. I deleted it cos I thought it was stupid. :/

  3. Yes, we will. :D I'm excited. And also glad that tomorrow is not monday.

  4. not old. All right.

  5. where the fuck is your lj

  6. How do you kill a lot of Indians? Tippecanoe

  7. Glad you didn't get run over. Want to hear a rude joke about Native Americans?

  8. Well,maybe yeah,dunno. It literally just happened a couple hours ago it's just, this shit never happens to me. what is he like... he's funny, puts up with my fangirlyness, really sweet, just yeah. I really like being around him.

  9. OK so I told my friend/crush that i liked him and he likes me back how do i do this thing now help

  10. god damn it be on i have pertinent fucking information

  11. Are you in Soviet russia? :p




  12. I love your avatar.

  13. Exactly. and the other board isn't awesome like 11. :(

  14. :'( I don't want to go.

  15. Sorry, I wasn't on.

    Uh, it was OK, friends are shit, dunno about boys, and yeah.

  16. What's your plot?

  17. Yeah. Which is easier for you?

  18. feet-761353.jpg


    Here's some feet you can smell.

  19. That's the last time I remember her saying it.

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