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  1. so i need to buy this: this works like the midi strip right? after this: this work like the midi controller? thanks for the reply`s
  2. thanks for the reply and your spanish is very good im wait the answer of neil thank´s
  3. trans google translation made ​​because I'm Mexican hello is the first time I comment muse forum I see that there are many experts here and what I need here in mexico there is no one that sells items on guitars Effects muse already know that. I have a stratocaster midi thinking of buying a kit for Kaoss Pad yet the cavity of my guitar is very small but I found that you can buy something called midi strip I was searching like crazy all over google but found nothing on youtube there is a guy who sells them is called gazlang81 but I have not connected or put back on sale products I wonder if you could give me information on where to buy the kit midi strip greetings and forgive if I have not done well. like this guitar and here is the video of gazlang 81
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