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  1. Back for another try Dead star Citizen erased Sing for absolution Sunburn New born Assassin Cave The small print Showbiz Muscle museum Time is running out Hysteria Plug in baby City of delusion Map of the problematique Bliss Uno Stockholm syndrome
  2. What did you think of the Chris football then :)

  3. No imagination gone into the order II know and was so hard to choose only 14 Sunburn Muscle musuem Cave Showbiz New born Bliss Hyper music plug in baby Citizen erased Sing for absolution Hysteria Stockholm syndrome Map of the problematique Knights of cydonia
  4. How about some B-sides like easily or crying shame? both great songs
  5. Got to be showbiz with me not sure how to put into words why but it just is especially Cave and showbiz
  6. Which one of them do you feel has the most songs on it that you can relate to?
  7. Haha maybe I should just show myself out the door
  8. LOL I wasn't trying to salvage anything I only said it to see all of your reactions and I don't even have a reputation on here anyway!
  9. Is this sarcasm or do you actually like it? XD
  10. Bliss Cave Uno City of delusion muscle musuem endlessley hyper music plug in baby sunburn assassin stockholm syndrome the small print citizen erased dead star new born take a bow easily futurism showbiz
  11. Oh right yeah you are It's a forum not a court case and unfortunately I can't find the interview where he says it I'm sure it was from last year though so you guys are most likely right with what you're saying might of changed their minds by now
  12. Matt said the new album will be like showbiz and origin of symmetry and origin of symmetry will be the last thing they will have done at reading and leeds so there is a lot of hope for the new album i think =D
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