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  1. I was considering booking seats for next time I see Muse because the things that annoy me with standing is how people are always jumping up infront of you/on you (I swear everytime I go I attract the one person in the surrounding area who likes to barge into people and shout to their friends for the whole concert, feel like I missed the whole intro + Reapers because of this as did others around me) and I ended out watching half the show through people's phones despite being very close to the stage. I'm not sure I would find the seats much better from what people have been saying! I guess I'm just too fussy for this world
  2. 2 standing, much smoother presale than I'm used to!
  3. I'm having a lot of Muse dreams now that things are starting to happen. Last night I dreamed I was at a very small intimate Muse concert and not many people even turned up to watch so we were all sitting on the floor nice and relaxed, then I remembered I had a tub of Ben and Jerry's in the freezer that I need to eat (I do in real life) and I was sitting on the floor eating it (I could taste it in my dream) while Matt was on stage smiling at me, it was lovely
  4. Ahh stupid deadline week making me miss this! I'm glad everyone there had such a brilliant time though!
  5. I had a weird dream last night... Matt was a wildlife guy a bit like David Attenborough and I think I was probably filming it, he was walking through a jungle and there were human sized lemurs everywhere and he got into a tree, picked a baby lemur up and said, 'This is my son, I'm actually a lemur'. Then he dangled upside down from a branch with another lemur and started saying things like, 'That's where I killed a lion and ate it, that's where I killed a deer and ate it etc...' and he picked up a branch and started trying to eat it but it was too hard to eat, and then my alarm went off and I woke up. I think that's one of the strangest dreams I've ever had, it freaked me out a bit so I had to share it.
  6. Have to be at uni all the way in Cornwall till the 31st of May so I can't afford to go home twice and book the tickets Why do I have to be here for the one year that Muse keep going to my area!
  7. I dreamt that the gig I saw came with another gig a week later, so I went to it and for some reason there was hardly anyone there. I got right up to the barrier and there were only a couple of lines behind me. Then Muse started playing and one woman behind me started singing so loudly I couldn't hear Matt (probably dreamt this cus the guy I went with in real life did this) so I shouted at her to shut up, then Matt stopped playing and he looked at me and said, what did you say? So I told him and he laughed and told the woman to be quiet and carried on playing The dream cut to me trying to walk home but I was too giddy from Matt talking to me so I felt drunk and had forgotten the whole gig, then I woke up and thought it was real but it wasn't
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