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  1. Just got out of the Manchester gig - I enjoyed it whilst I was there, and the spectacle of the show was all there. But now, sitting in the car home, I'm not feeling the buzz I usually get after a gig. I dunno. It's not that I'm disappointed; just... underwhelmed, I guess.
  2. I just hope that 2nd Night Syndrome doesn't hit us. And by that, I mean the reverse of what just happened in Ireland.
  3. They came today! Can finally get excited about the gig now that I have them in hand
  4. SeeTickets are telling me they haven't dispatched any at all yet
  5. If you need tickets, try seetickets on the Friday. They're still showing some available for me. EDIT: they're now saying 1 or 3 available. No sets of 2
  6. After not allowing myself to become excited following the debacle I had with bad phone signal and failure on Wednesday morning, I've managed to procure 2 tickets - 1 for myself (3rd Muse gig) and one for my younger brother (2nd Muse gig). They may be the cheap seats but got 5th row so I'm hoping the view will still be decent. And here's to finally seeing some new material live.
  7. Manchester is sold out 6 ticket party week is sold out Chances of seeing Muse this month have dropped to 0.0001% Safe to say I'm fairly gutted right now. Don't think I'll be able to bring myself to look at the set list
  8. Why are they doing that? It should be a one-off seeing muse in such an intimate venue. Not a 6-night party week. I don't get it. also I want a ticket for Manchester so.... EDIT: Ticketmaster have confirmed on Twitter that they're out of tickets for Manchester. Stand down guys. Our chances are gone.
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