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    Muse,My Chemical Romance,Kasabian,Arctic Monkeys,The Last Shadow Puppets,e.t.c.
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    The Avengers,Iron Man 1&2,Thor,The Hunger Games
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    The Resistance,Absolution,Black Holes and Revelations,Origin of Symmetry,HAARP,The 2nd Law CD+DVD
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    20.11.12 Budapest
  1. It was awesome!I was really close to the stage.The crowd there was good-even if there was a problem at Uprising(the crowd was saying at a point they will not control us while it was they will not force us and it sounded like they will not contforce us).
  2. Where did muse stay the previous times the went to Hungary?(2002,2007,2010)
  3. Hey musers! So i'm travelling to Budapest for the gig. Is there any chance of meeting them? Like,do they usually have a "tour" and go to the city's sights? Or can i meet them and get my cd signed before/after the show? And how?Anyone who can help?It'll be my first gig ever and have no idea about these things
  4. Hey!

    i want to ask you if you are planning to make some ipod touch cases. i mean,i really want one but i dont have iphone x(


    Oh and please come to Greece for some concerts

  5. ela mou nte kai ego to idio leo

    alla ama erthoun elpizo na min kanun mono athina sinaulia.. :/

  6. I just found out where the "Rocket Baby Dolls" came from. ...chris,you are not a rocket.
  7. me too :D ax gt den erxodai omws :( apo th mia o Matt leei oti 8elei na pai3ei sthn A8hna kai apo thn allh den erxodai :(

  8. kai ego to idio thelo na pisteuo!tus latrevo :3

  9. thanks :) makari na er8oun :D

  10. +1 psifos apo emena gia na erthoun Ellada :)

  11. Hey!if you can,plz sent me your favourite band's(MUSE) photo with everyone's aytograph(Matt,Dom,Chris,yours). plz if you can reply at me so as to give you my adress.thanks:)

  12. geia paidia! epitelus vrika ellines! kserete an telika apofasisan na erthun oi muse stin ellada?an nai,athina? plz opoios kserei na apantisei!:)
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