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  1. I'm honestly a bit a puzzled at the love Break it to me is getting. Are Muse fans so hungry for distantly reminding of something even a bit more out of the box/experimental that this (imo) in the end "just okay" track gets so much attention?


    For me, the chorus wins it. Definetly the best moment of the album. One of the best Muse chorus imo. Other things (beside the experimental side) that comes to mind :

    1. That Grooveeee (also RATM vibes).

    2. Many fans want Muse to turn kaoss pad solo into a song.

  2. For me:


    Stockholm Syndrome

    Ruled By Secrecy

    Butterflies & Hurricanes




    The Small Print

    Break it to Me

    Apocalypse Please


    Sing for Absolution


    Time is Running Out

    Falling Away With You


    The Dark Side


    The Void



    Thoughts of Dying an Atheist (agree this is by far the weakest on Abso)



    Dig Down

    Thought Contagion

    Something Human


    Get Up and Fight


    So I guess I find the good songs on ST to be amongst the same quality as the average songs on Absolution. The problem with ST is most of the second half of the album is bordering on unlistenable.


    The good songs in ST are definetly better than average songs in Absolution imo. Algorithm, TV, and TDS should be higher than TIRO or even SFA. Pressure doesn't deserve the same category with Blockades and TOADA. How can TSP reach top 10 (and better than AP)? In Abosulution i'll put that song just above TOADA (or below :( I'm not a fan of TSP).


    I still believe that everyone will bash FAWY and Endlessly if that song is released after TR (I like both of them though).

  3. Blockades is overrated. It seems Blockades becomes favourite in ST for its 'rock' sounds. I rate this song as same as Exo-Politics level.


    Apart form 3 or 4 songs, this album is in my opinion only average at best. Even the better songs are not that good. It seems for some, the more boring the song is, the better it is. BITM i just cant listen to. The Void is growing on me, but still not the best.


    BITM is the most interesting track on the album and you can't listen to it. Then complaining about boring songs. I just don't understand your point.

  4. Imagine getting Propaganda or BITM back in 2017 and having DD be the surprise on the album....


    I think I like it better the way it happened actually.


    Just Propaganda and Thought Contagion as lead singles would be enough. Algorithm, BITM, Blockades, and The Void could be big surprises.

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