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  1. Happened to me too. Try emailing them, but good luck getting a response.
  2. Good news: CD + DVD Softpack finally arrived today. Bad news: With two DVDs and no CD.
  3. T2L is the album The Resistance wanted to be but failed. When I listen to half the tracks from TR, I think "hey, this is a lot better than I remembered", but then I listen to OOS and realise, actually, TR really is a let down. I think long term I'll prefer T2L over BH&R because of how bad the production was on it.
  4. Based on first impressions of T2L: 1. Absolution 2. OOS 3. T2L 4. BH&R 5. The Resistance = Showbiz
  5. Slightly plausible, mostly heavy set. 1. Knights Of Cydonia 2. Bliss 3. SMBH 4. MOTP + riff 5. MK Ultra 6. Dead Star/Dead Cuts 7. Interlude + Hysteria + riff 8. Unnatural Selection 9. Butterflies & Hurricanes 10. Ruled By Secrecy 11. USoE 12. Space Dementia (guitar outro) 13. Starlight 14. Invincible 15. HotRS + Time Is Running Out + riff 16. Plug In Baby 17. Citizen Erased 18. New Born + riff 19. Uprising (riff version) 20. Stockholm Syndrome + riffs 21. Take A Bow
  6. Thought I'd give it a go: It will be more of a concept album than anything they've done before, no real narrative, but the songs flow either musically or thematically, and are all based around the concepts in the trailer, linking human activity to thermodynamics, and much more focused than The Resistance. Supremacy: Quiet, soft strings slowly build before Matt comes in with distorted guitar, followed by the rest of the band, building to a big, explosive ending, think Overture and Take A Bow. Throughout it feels grand and bold, and can be interpreted as a musical nod to the album concept of growth being unsustainable, as it gets bigger and heavier until it crashes back down. Minimal vocals, if not instrumental. Madness: Builds out of the Take A Bow style noise and distortion at the end of Supremacy. Again mellow at first, but building. Heavy chorus and a riff or two, but softer verses. Introduces and explores the album concept. Synth line running through the song which leads into Panic Station. Panic Station: New SMBH. Dark but groovy, 80s-influenced disco track with brass section and sax solo. Heavy bass and interesting drumming. Can see this using either the keytar or Kitara, and being much more interesting live than Undisclosed Desires, which this will probably get compared to. Lyrics speak of the realisation of a coming apocalypse and a challenge to survive, hence the lyrics of Survival. Brass becomes part of a larger orchestra and disappears altogether at the end to lead into Prelude. Prelude: We know. Survival: We know. Follow Me: Piano lullaby. Maybe some acoustic guitar. Cheesy but emotional, with shades of Soldiers Poem. Invincible style ending, giving an 'inspirational' feel. Like Exogenesis, the grandiose theme lightly hides the more human meaning of the song, which is about being an influence and trying to guide someone through life. Animals: Heavy track, influenced by Animal Farm and the Pink Floyd album. A shorter, heavier form of Dogs, with slightly different themes to match the album. Heavy riffs, with a more technical breakdown section, think Unnatural Selection. Could be the new Citizen Erased. Explorers: Chris' piano song. Dark and brooding, emotional like Follow Me, but less cheesy. Chris does some lead vocals allowing Matt to play more complex guitar parts. Sort of linked to the Exogenesis story, possibly how the 'explorers' view the situation. Features a crashing, Space Dementia style outro. Big Freeze: Heavy song with main riff in the style of Stockholm Syndrome and Assassin, but shorter. About the end of humanity, the world and the universe. A direct, straightforward song. Could replace any of the current heavy songs live, or be the new one we all want to hear but never gets played. Save Me: Guiding Light strikes back. Liquid State: Synth led song. Pretty chilled and groovy, possibly with some strange percussion, but gathers pace towards the end, before cutting off suddenly. The Second Law: The full version of the trailer. A lot like System Meltdown by Enter Shikari. Unsustainable is the first part of the trailer, but possibly longer. Building up to the speech, ending on the robot voice. Isolated System follows immediately with the drop frol the trailer. This section is longer than it is on the trailer and leads into almost nonsensical, heavily distorted vocal section, which then drops into a riff similar to the opening one. Another vocal section before a big, long, final riff, possibly followed by short string section coda.
  7. It's going to be very interesting to hear live, with the choir, strings and backing vocals toned down and hopefully the intro will sound better. It'll be worth it just for the solo alone. It's really not an opener or closer though, could work as the transition back to guitar as has been said, but they normally do softer songs after the piano section, Could Matt reuse the NSC keyboard?
  8. Prelude I really like. Don't see the point of it though because it doesn't exactly blend in with the song. The intro reminds me of Frog Chorus and still makes me cringe. and the second verse isn't much better, the backing vocal shouts are pretty embarrassing, the high note at the end is painful and the lyrics are so bad it's funny. However, when it gets going, the riff and the solo are incredible, some of the best they've done since Absolution, which sort of makes up for the rest of it. Nice falsetto and scream. Well, it's meant to be a bit of fun, and it's enjoyable enough I suppose. The bad bits are awful and the good bits are amazing.
  9. Survival - For those who thought We Are The Champions is too lyrically challenging. I know it's only 20 seconds, I know it's for the Olympics, but, but... If it wasn't for the album trailer I'd be giving up already. This better get better.
  10. Desperately tried for standing, ended up seated in block 212. Oh well, better than nothing.
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