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  1. It's not justification, it's just logical reasoning. Ok, nevermind. But I also commited a "crime" four years ago when I downloaded BH&R for free, to see what Muse is. Now I have all their albums (legal) and going to pay another 150$ for their oncoming gig
  2. Well, I won't ask you if you paid for every song you listened, because I don't want to enter into new copyright discussion, but you probably agree that record labels often behave a bit inadequate. Sometimes, there is even no proven harm to sales or harm is very low, but they act like they lose billions of USD. Maybe same happened with this gig. As for me, I bought all Muse discs I have, but overall copyright thing is actually very complicated to judge. This is exactly what I was trying to say. The sad thing is that demand is so high that tickets will be sold out anyway.
  3. Even if the reason is high level of piracy, for me it's just...inhumane to try to get those money back by raising gig prices. I'm sure people in Ukraine don't have an idea in mind to download as much as possible for free, mostly they just really have no money to buy everything legally. This can't be a Muse decision, more likely it's their record label. Labels are known to think only about profit and nothing else. Knowing the details of business in Ex-USSR countries it also can't be excluded that organizers just lie and they just caught a chance to earn a lot of cash, or there is some corruption scheme in which organizers pay part of the money to someone. Anyway, I'm sorry, but you will achieve nothing. So many people want to visit that gig that they will never low the ticket prices.
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