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  1. Having no luck with standing so far, anyone know any other sites where I can get standing ones for face value? All the main sites seem to be sold out
  2. Standing tickets for the third date are already gone... So this is great
  3. Aw. No way I could've stuck around that long. Ah well, at least I saw the top of their heads on the way in and them live at all last night!
  4. Hey, sooo did anyone meet the Muses afterwards? If so, what sorta time did they pop out? Was it late-late or pretty soon after it finished?
  5. Got to be there for that moment thanks to whoever it was on Twitter that said they managed to get one last minute
  6. WELP, that ultimately led to not much. Had fences up, could barely see the top of their heads Yeah, maybe after is the way to go. Depending on what time it finishes anyway, what sorta times have they been wrapping up? Got trains to catch and whatnot
  7. Will be when we've got our junk food, yeah Best thing is to follow the queue to the front (with it on your right) and keep going past it. Not long after there's a road to the right with some trucks and stuff and, further down, a huge crowd of Musers waiting. Hopefully the food stop means we don't miss them!
  8. Okay, just arrived! Any idea where the guys are likely to be? Not entirely sure where we'd be going to try and meet 'em and feel awkward cutting through the queue or whatever EDIT: never mind! Just figured it out on the way to Mcdonalds
  9. Me and the mrs. are planning to go round te back when we get there and hopefully meet them. Hopefully there within the hour. Could anyone let us know if they show up and we miss them? Thanks!
  10. So hey, been drifting in and out of the topic. What exactly is with the French fans? From everything I've heard they act utterly appallingly, what's with their behaviour? And, just out of interest, what other stuff do they tend to do? Wanna know what sort of behaviour to be on the look out for. Further to that, just wanted to check one last time, what sort of times have the guys been turning up to the shows/ what would be my most likely time to have a chance to meet them? Aaaand finally! On the odd chance anyone is interested in picking me out in a crowd, I'll likely be wearing a Tim Minchin hoodie, possibly over a Muse one (depends how cold it is) and have a mess of curly brown hair. Unless I bother to straighten it. I will also have a girlfriend with me. EDIT: Oh, also. I'll probly stick out cos I have the accent of a southerner from the outskirts of London. A fairly well-spoken southerner, but a Watford person all the same. But my girlfriend is from Huddersfield so that makes it okay right? Can't wait!!
  11. I've thrown my name in for the tickets too. On the off chance I get them, I should proooobably book Monday off work. I'll cross that bridge if and when I come to it!
  12. Yep! Had the money taken from my bank account, but payment couldn't be verified or whatever. Does anyone know if the store's come under new management lately? When I went in to pre-order earlier I had to create a new account cos there apparently wasn't one associated with my email, but I've definitely placed a few successful orders over the last few years. Further to that, whenever I click "Contact Us" to try and get help with the issues, it forcibly boots me out of my account. For some reason I can't be logged in to contact them, so kinda worried my emails are going nowhere.
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